Chess Competition!

Today I am going to talk about one of the competitions that is taking place in MDK, a chess competition, where numerous children are proving their worth in this sport. On Saturday the children were excited to go to MDK, participate and demonstrate their intelligence and craftiness.

Today there are many new games that are appearing, but none have the history or importance of chess. Chess has been played by children and adults for thousands of years and is still the most widespread game in the world, practiced by many to pass time and by others who take it as a professional career.
Chess has numerous benefits:
1. Unite the people.
2. It teaches you to win and lose.
3. Help Childs
4. It can help you focus.
5. It is an educational tool.
6. Develop creativity.
7. Increases self-esteem.
8. Develops the ability to solve problems.
9. Exercise the brain.
10. It helps you to be calm.

The competition was very exciting and we could see the great effort made by the players. In addition, we were able to watch very interesting and well-executed games.
Although there was only one winner, all the participants felt fulfilled and happy. On this day it was possible to demonstrate the high level that the children of Oświęcim have in chess, something that should make them proud.


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