GAP YEAR. Why should you consider taking it?

Ok, let’s firstly figure out what a ‘gap year’ is. It’s when you graduate from a school but do not go to a university/college/another school right after your graduation. You spend the year exactly how you want. After that, you continue your education and start your bachelor’s degree.

How to realize that GAP YEAR IS RIGHT FOR YOU?
🍀 you don’t really know what to do in the future.
If you have thoughts like “I am definitely interested in sports, photography, social entrepreneurship, giving back, helping people (just as an example). Because I have so many interests, I feel like there are multiple career avenues I can go down – it’s just so hard finding one I really want to pursue”
🍀you feel like you want to travel before going to a university.
[ It’s usually hard to travel during your academic year. You’re so busy with assignments that you don’t really have enough spare time ].
🍀you feel like you can do better on exams
A year off will be a great opportunity to gain knowledge, prepare for exams and get ready for your admission process.

Why is it a great opportunity?
🖤 space from parents’ and everybody’s expectations.
🖤 sociological and emotional development.
🖤chance to grow up, and become mature to handle the complexity of the college environment.
🖤 figuring out who you are as a person.



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