With love, from Georgia!

Gamarjoba (Hello, also means wishing to win), I am Mariam, from Georgia, or as we call our homeland – Sakartvelo, a place where Kartvelians live. I m a volunteer of European solidarity corps in Poland , Wola, at FRSP office in the project of Empowering regions throughout volunteering 2.

Georgia is located in Caucasus region, where two diverse cultures meet – eastern Europe and western Asia. Here are some of the fascinating facts about Georgia:

  • It was the birthplace of wine!  Wine lovers rejoice! But we started to produce it in a our specific way. In Georgia we are cultivating grapes and burying clay vessels, kvevris (Amphora), in which to store our wine ready for serving at ground temperature.
  • Georgia was home to the first Europeans.
  • Georgians love to host a guest!
  • There are 12 different climate zones and thanks to this micro-climates, there are about 500 grape varieties in modern Georgia. We have skiing resorts and seaside as well.
  • The world’s deepest cave is found in Georgia. …
  • The Caucasus is Europe’s highest mountain range.
  • You can live in Europe’s highest settlement here.

I was born and raised in Southern Georgia, Samtskhe – Javakheti region, little town called Aspindza. According to  most resources, Aspindza means the place for guests. In Aspindza municipality you can explore a 6000-room cave city Vardzia, dated by 12-th – 13th centuries, which is now monastery. Also Aspindza has unique cuisine, even for Georgians from other regions. We have amphora beer, in some villages people have a tradition to cook snails and khinkali from goose. In that villages locals love goose meals and they keep goose meat in a specific way for hole winter, since winters in southern mountains are long, very snowy and cold.  Also Vardzia is connected to the most precious Georgian poet Shota Rusraveli (Rustavi is a village in Aspindza municipality and lately named to a city near Tbilisi), who wrote the poem  “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin”. This book is in every Georgian family as a civil bible. The legend says that he loved king Tamar (first and only female king of Georgia) and dedicated this poem to her. Should be admitted that King Tamar ruled Georgia very well and it is known as a golden era if our history.

From this little town I went to Tbilisi, capital of Georgia and graduated Tbilisi state university, BA in economics and business (major in Econometrics and math economics), then applied for master at Ilia state university and get a degree of Public administration. My recent job was in accounting and finances in the industry of logistics and supply chain. Before that I worked as a junior accountant at the university, where I started my first full time job as an assistant of the financial department and used to do accounting and customer service as well. I assisted to youth policy makers at municipalities in adoption of municipal youth policies for 3 months. We organized Municipal Youth policy forum and I have been a facilitator of 3 workshop about youth participation, tools for youth participation, policy monitoring and evaluation. Yet this process is suspended, but still it was one small step supporting youth in Georgia.

I have always been passionate about volunteering, but have never tried so far, since I was in a different field, I thought my technical skills would not be useful for volunteering but I acknowledge that volunteering, youth activities, youth organizations have crucial role in youth development and the ways how to be an expedient volunteer, so I tried and have been chosen. Volunteering gives me the chance to bring a positive change in society. The fulfillment that can be obtained by playing a positive role in someone else’s life is exceptional.

The FRSP and proposed activities are in connection with my interests. Entrepreneurship is the “pursuit of opportunity beyond resources controlled” as Howard Stevenson of Harvard Business School defines. As an economist I agree this definition and, even though the level of economic development of a country has to be considered, I recognize remarkable role of entrepreneurship in country’s economic growth. It would be an honour to promote entrepreneurial attitudes in youth and develop entrepreneurial mind-set. Entrepreneurial mind-set would be useful for my country youth too, since Georgia still is considered as developing country despite the opportunities like DCFTA and free trade agreements. In-order-that, I could use this valuable practice of volunteering in my country. Georgia shares European union values and has relations from 1996, but still could not manage to be a member of it. Poland is the member from 2004 and has experience which can be shared to us.

It is significant for me to obtain my volunteering experience specifically in Poland, country which has always been our strategic partner and has outstanding role in supporting Georgia’s European aspirations. It is highly important that Poland supports Georgia’s desire to join NATO. Polish-Georgian bond is exceptional example of friendly relations between the two countries, when geographically separated and ethnically different people establish historical, economic and political bond. This is a great opportunity for me to study Polish language in a region Silesia, which has historical landmarks and diverse culture in connection with Czech Republic and Germany. For me, as a person born and raised in Caucasus it is precious to acquire voluntary experience in Silesia region since it is a natural habitat of central European culture and values. Hope, in the end of my journey, my effort will be one small drop in support to Georgia to become a respected member of EU and NATO, also do my best to express Georgians gratitude and love toward Poland.


2 thoughts on “With love, from Georgia!

  1. marii says:

    გამარჯობა მარიამ, მეც მინდა მოხალისეობა და ვისურვებდი თუ ასევე ქართველი დამაკვალიანებდა და მომაწვდიდა ინფორმაციას უპირატესობებსა და ნაკლოვანებებზე. როგორ შევძლებ დაკავშირებას?


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