Daniel enters the volunteering scene

First of all, readers, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Daniel Gómez Carrasco. I came from what we call in Spanish “the sunshine coast”, which it is in Malaga, Spain. The last year I finished the bachelor degreed of Dramatic arts, so I am professional actor who came to Poland to be a volunteer. Do you want to know more?

More about myself, I am 25 years old. I have always lived in “Alhaurín de la Torre”, a town very close to Malaga. I love to look ways to improve my creativity and find news ways of make art. My favourite artistic way, of course, it is the interpretation. It is a great felling know that a whole theatre it is looking at you and wating to be affected for you interpretation. For me it is something magic, even make me feel powerful. However, I also like other kinds of art, like painting, dance or music. About my mind set, I always try to be positive, look for the solution of the problem and kept going forward to the meta, without forgetting that life has two side. How Rocky said in one of the movies, no matter how hard the life hit you, what matters it is that you still get up after every hit. I enjoy all kind of things, even when these things are very different. I can enjoy play rugby, to finish a match bitten up all myself, and then enjoy the calm of make pattern of cross stich, like a way of meditate and concentrated. There is also one thing that I am very proud about myself, I try to be an open mind person which you can speak of whatever topic you want, I will listen and try to understand why it is important to you

As I said, I am from Spain, an incredible country with a great history shaped by many cultures. This makes the whole Spain an interesting place to visit, because while in some place people make human castle for a festival, in another place you can find people who run in front of bulls for another holidays. We also burn big carriages or burn our old studies notes in bonfire in the night at a beach to represent the new beginnings. Another amazing thing, thanks to the mix of culture it is that you can find very different styles of building one close to another. For example, In Malaga there is an Arabic castle, similar to the great Alhambra of Granada, which it is call the “Alcazaba” and at the foot of the castle walls there is an ancient Roman theatre where you can see Roman and Greek plays at the shadow of a Arabic castle. Lastly, Spain is the birthplace of great artist like Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Antonio Banderas, Pedro Almodóvar, someday I expect to be one of them.

You may be wondering why I came here. The answer is easy, I love Spain, it has also bad things even when I still love Spain, but something that I love more it is to challenge myself, so this is why I am here. I am participating in the project “Challenge yourself in Rybnik 2.0”. I came to a new place, far away for all the thing and people I know, where they speak another and very different language as their culture is. I am willing to improve myself, to enrich my own with this new experience. Learn all about this new culture and meet great people as a way to growth my creativity and as Spain can show it mix of culture, I want to show in my art the mix of culture I have and I will have thanks to this new opportunity. Join me for this challenge and together we will create big art.


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