Dzien dobry! I am a 26-year-old boy and I come from one of the most beautiful and visited cities on the entire planet, Barcelona. I am carrying out this international volunteering in the wonderful village of Wola, in Śląskie. I am passionate about so many things that… I prefer to tell you about it below. are you coming with me?

Hi everyone,

That’s me again! My full name is Xavier Puig Sabater. Yes, I share a name with the favorite villain of the Marvel Ironman saga, Professor Xavier, but Xavier is also a typical Catalan name, a land that I represent wherever I go. As I have already said, I come from Barcelona. Specifically, from a nearby city, Sabadell – the Spanish people will recognize it because it gives its name to a powerful country bank… -. Although it is small, it has many cozy things: a wonderful town hall square, few or many people depending on the time you walk around and, above all, very good restaurants!

I have studied the Degree in History and also completed a Master’s Degree in Contemporary History at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). I have also started the first year of my PhD, but I had to abandon it due to this huge volunteer project (TLN Mobilicat). As you may have imagined, I am passionate about contemporary history, especially everything related to Nazism.

When I started my first year of PhD I embarked on one of the loves of my life: die Deutsche Sprache. I love its language – its sounds exquisite to me -, its literature, its architecture, its enormous musicians… I have been studying it for a year and a half, but I would love to never stop learning it! However, it seems that now I have a second lover… and the fact is that Polish has interrupted my life very strongly, and the truth is that I also like him a lot. However, it is also true that I have a very strange mix in my head right now: Catalan, Spanish, English, German, Polish… MY HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE!

In a good way, I am pleased to know that ALL the decisions I have made in my life have brought me here… And I think that is a reason to feel proud – a sign that I made the right choice. Currently, I live in Wola, Śląskie. Wola is a beautiful town close to big cities like Tychy, the beautiful and cozy Pszczyna – special attention to its impressive Royal Palace, where I work – and the Heden Garden of historians, Oświęcim.

Actually I am writing this after my holidays in Koraków. I think that both cities – Kraków and Oświęcim – have an immediate connection with my passions. Why? These days I went to explore the surroundings of the Plaszów concentration camp, a camp located on the outskirts of Krakow, nothing studied and very neglected, surely overshadowed by the greatness of Auschwitz. But yes, there it is, with all its greenish terrain, its forgotten graves and its wild nature… It is beautiful and bright. I was able to take a picture there, one of those that have a message and meaning. As Stephen King wrote in The Shining: “Now the darkness was streaked with swirling whiteness.” With this im out. As we say in Catalonya, “A reveure!”.


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