A new beginning

Dear colleagues!

My name is Arnau Roura, I am 25 years old and I come from a city next to Barcelona called, Terrassa. When I have to introduce myself or who I am, normally I say that I am a historian, a journalist and a teacher. In fact, I have studied a History degree and I have specialized in Contemporary History. Also, I have a master’s degree in teaching. But, in the past seven years, I have been a cultural journalist in some radio stations and newspapers in Catalonia. I have to say that I love cinema and watching movies (I am kind of a cinema geek), I spend a lot of time on watching TV shows (My favourite is the f***ing Peaky Blinders) and I really love to read several kind of books. So, next question would be, why Poland? Why am I here if I have enough job experience? Well, let me explain.

First of all, I am in love with Poland since 2017. That year, I travelled to Warsaw and Krakow and I completely felt in love with the country, its history and culture. Since then that I wanted to live in Poland, to gain not only job experience but also life experience. That is why in 2019 I started a research about Poland’s interwar history, specifically based on the figure of Józef Pilsudski. During one year, I was investigating the Contemporary history of Poland, mostly 19th century and 20th century and, since then, I keep reading books, papers and some reports about Poland. For sure, I would really like to start a history PhD about Poland but, firstly, I need to learn some polish. That is why I am here, in Poland, in this European programme that permits me to learn some polish, to work and to live in the country too. So I have to be thankful to FRSP and Fundació Catalunya Voluntària for the opportunity.

Second of all, here in Poland I will be working as a Spanish teacher. I work in Sosnowiec, the city of Spiegelman family, the one that is famous for the graphic novel, “Maus”, or the city where the three empires connected (Prussia, Russia and Austro-Hungarian). Every day, to be in Sosnowiec, I have 1h 20min, so it’s quite far but, for me, it is an opportunity to look out the bus window and know about the industrial and post-soviet architecture of the area. In fact, my mind is working on every step I take because everywhere I go I can imagine the history of places I pass through. In any case, not only my mind is working so fast for this reason but also for the mix of languages that I have in my brain. I can speak 4 languages (Catalan, Spanish, French, English) and a little bit of Polish. So, when I am working as a Spanish teacher, my brain collapsed because I have to translate what the students say to me in Polish, then I have to explain them in Spanish, but in a very simple Spanish, and some of them try to talk with me in English. So, yes, I finish the Spanish lessons without conscience.

Anyway, I am here in Poland to discover, to taste, to learn, to travel, to test myself, to teach (not only Spanish language but also traditional things), etc. For me, to be in Poland is a huge personal step that I am doing for myself and not only for historical reasons. I want to know people and to grow as a person without prejudices and stereotypes and with the desire to learn from others. That is one of the main things that these volunteering programmes want to promote. So, let’s meet each other and have fun!


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