Applications that you may need when you are preparing a trip.

Nowadays, preparing a trip is much easier than in the past, because we have a lot of applications, devices that can help us in every situation. In this post we are going to talk about some of these fantastic applications that you can use.


The first apps that we are going to talk about are Skyscanner, Ryanair Discover or Kiwi. They are used mainly to book flights, but it will also take care of all your basic travel bookings: flight, hotel, car rental, even activities and tours. The app provides useful information on destinations and even airports, telling you how to find lounges, ATMs and luggage storage during a long layover.

Booking flights is fairly simple: You can choose from round-trip, one-way or multicity itineraries. If you’re hoping for inspiration, you can search for multiple destinies, so you can find very cheap flights to different destinations.


From my point of view the best applications for searching accommodations are Booking and Airbnb. They are leading search platforms for travel rates and accommodation on the web, their mission is to connect clients and tourism agencies from anywhere in the world. In addition, you can make reservations in advance, as well as see the price lists and user experiences.

Neverthelees, if you don’t mind to share a bedroom, you can also use couchsurfing. Couchsurfing lets you connect with locals who have space in their home for travelers to stay for free. The accommodation is usually nothing fancy (which is why it’s called “couch” surfing) but it’s free, which will help you keep your budget intact. By staying with a local, you’ll get a unique opportunity to learn more about the destination from someone who actually lives there.


There are two applications very usefull if you go with your friends: Splitwise or Tricount.


Add groups and friends, divide expenses, register debts, divide equally or unequally, divide by % or installments, calculate total balances, suggested reimbursements, simplify debts and recurring expenses. Splitwise is a free app that can be used on both Android and iOS and has a simple interface and a wide range of features. With Splitwise you can share, designate and store expenses, offset debts with each other and send personal reminders to your friends as well as set yourself alarm notices if you are the one at risk of becoming delinquent.

With the possibility of synchronizing in the cloud and exporting to CSV easily in more than seven languages and more than 100 currencies, the novelty of Splitwase is that it allows you to synchronize shared expenses with your partner or friend and go half in everything you do, such as if you formed a small company without having to invest capital for it.


Simple, transparent and collaborative, Tricount is an application also available on Android and iOS that is especially useful for organizing group trips in which to share expenses and accumulate them by name and load received. Tricount is light, clear and fast. It will help us to have all the accounts clear at a glance, although it will force us to make a small outlay if we want to avoid the version with ads, which can be somewhat uncomfortable.

You just have to fill in the costs and let the app do the math for you. There is nothing hidden. All registered expenses are visible to the group and each one can add their own. Tricount helps you share your lifestyle and brings you closer to your friends, family and roommates.

I hope this post will be useful for you!



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