A way to recognize me


My name is Nelly. I come from one of the oldest and historical countries in the world named Armenia. I am 23 and I had opportunities to live in a village and in the capital city of Armenia- Yerevan. Armenia is a country full of historical monuments, churches, green forests, free water, etc.. Living in Armenia means that you are able to taste the Armenian delicious cuisine, try national and traditional Armenian dances and songs, visit breathtaking landscapes and feel safe in your every step. Armenia is a country where anyone can be friendly with you, help you in any case and wait for nothing in return cause we are a nationality that loves helping people when they actually need it. And if you are a travel lover Armenia is one of the best options for you because here you can spend your vacation and explore this country’s beauty at the same time.

You will be wondering who am I so I will speak a bit about myself too. I have graduated Brusov State University in Armenia with the Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Intercultural communications. My journey as a student was really impressive as I had chances to try myself in different events, language clubs, translation and teaching practises, etc.. Later I found myself in teaching English and continued it for some years because I really adored it. I liked working with people in different ages. So I really felt that I am really getting happy when I am among people who can especially share cultural thoughts and ideas.

But I have always wanted to try something new in somewhere new so I was wondering what kind of steps I can take to reach my goals among my interest which are a lot. I like writing(I am a writer and I have my own book), painting, reading books, playing and watching football, taking photos and videos, animals and traveling. These are the things that make my life really meaningful and enjoyable. Yet, I needed to find something new.

On my way to finding something new for me, I found out that I have an opportunity to travel and work at the same time. I would have new friends and be able to see lots of new places in another country. Now I am in Wola Poland, writing this article about me and new coming life with the volunteering project called ”Empowering regions through volunteering 2: Culture- a path to integration”. It was the coolest decision I have ever made cause here lots of fun, new friends and real opportunities are waiting for me. I am here to try my best as a person who comes from a cultural country. To be able to share my culture with others and take theirs with me too when I will be going back home later after some months.

In Wola I will be working in a cultural centre with children and not only, writing articles, making videos and blogs about every and each of the things and people I can see around myself. This is the best thing that could have ever happened to me cause it’s the best time to enjoy every single moment here.



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