Terrassa, my hometown, dresses up in old costumes

¡Hola a todos y todas! (Hello everyone!)

I am Arnau and, in this blog post, I want to present my hometown. Why? Well, firstly because I am missing it so much, as you may understand and, of course, I would like to recommend it to you to visit it if you stay some days in Catalonia. In fact, it is near Barcelona, only 45 minutes by train. And, secondly, I write about it because last weekend (the first one of May), the town was dressed up in old costumes. I will explain that below.

The town is called Terrassa, it is the third one most populated in Catalonia (around 200K inhabitants) and it is famous because there are many buildings and monuments of modernism art. Furthermore, the city has an industrial and worker past because during the 19th century there were a lot of factories and textile industries with their characteristic chimneys. As a consequence of that, there are many bourgeois and aristocratic houses built and decorated by modernist art that look so beautifully. And, for this historical reason, every first weekend of May, people celebrate what is known, la Fira Modernista de Terrassa (it recovers the old tradition of the Spring Fair, which was institutionalised in Terrassa in 1228 by a privilege granted by King James I)

As I said before, during this weekend, the town dresses up in old costumes. It is a great cultural, historical and traditional festival of Catalan Modernism. It is like if you would do a journey back in time to live the modernist splendour of Terrassa at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. Actually, these days are the best to visit the town, just to feel as if you were in that times and to discover unique places, characters, some type of historical recreations, traditional craftsmen, visits to the main modernist buildings (Casa Alegre de Sagrera, Vapor Aymerich Amat i Jover, Masia Freixa, etc).

Also exhibitions, shows and, above all, the warmth of the people who take part in the “Fira” on the street in their old costumes. I promise you that this weekend is unique in the whole year. And, of course, for a historian it is a perfect moment to organize guided tours, to know more about history and to connect with the past. The latest local news explains that this year’s 2022 edition has seen 40% more foreign visitors to the city, meaning that it is becoming increasingly popular and celebrated. If you were interested in having more information about this festival or the city, just let me know (also if you want to visit something more apart from Barcelona).

See you in the next blog posts!


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