Why I despise Batman

Bruce Wayne is heroic, good-looking, and wealthy. On the surface, he seems like quite the catch, but when you look at his broad history you’ll find that the things are, in fact, quite ugly. Well, obviously, anyone who goes around dressed like a bat has a few issues they’re clearly not dealing with. But ok, let’s ignore that for now.

When you look at some of the things he’s done and observe his behavior, he starts to seem more and more like the villainous sociopaths he puts away. He’s manipulative, deceitful, and violent, you can’t deny that.
Let’s learn why.

One of the most powerful, sadistic, and merciless supervillains approved him

We can’t forget that time he threatened to destroy a whole planet, all of Apokolips to free Superman and Kara (in Superman/Batman #12). That was a little over the top. Sure, he was praised for it by Darkseid but… well, praise from the embodiment of all evil isn’t exactly a good thing.

Batman doesn’t care about Gotham’s citizens

In The Dark Knight, Batman uses the cellphones of the citizens of Gotham to spy on them. He uses security concerns as an excuse to do so.

Hello, 1984! Batman suffers from a superiority complex that makes him believe that he is better than everyone else. Because screw privacy concerns! Batman doesn’t even respect the people he is apparently saving. 

Spying on your own citizens in the name of security is what the World has been fighting against.

Not too smart after all

Batman is known for being smart, right? Well, let’s get into that…

A widely accepted calculation of the cost of being Batman was done by Thaddeus Howze, a comic book historian. The cost came to a total of about $83 million dollars. That’s just on the basis of what Batman had at the time. Bruce constantly upgrades, and develops specialized weaponry and gadgets so he can take down Gotham’s criminals efficiently. But crime is just a symptom of a greater issue and only a fraction of it is caused by genuine evil. A lot of it can be dealt with by funding schools, infrastructure, businesses, and worthwhile social programs.

Yes, that’s what the Wayne Foundation is for, but let’s be honest here, he’s not putting nearly as much time and resources into that as he should be. Instead, his resources go into buying expensive toys, cars, and Bat-Bedazzlers.


 Batman has a strict “no killing” policy. He wouldn’t kill even the bad guys under any circumstances, he doesn’t just end the lives of criminals like the Joker, even though their survival means the deaths of hundreds if not thousands. He can’t start making exceptions or he’ll slip (unless it’s the movies, where he just straight murders people). 

In Batman Begins, he refuses to kill that one guy who was taken prisoner by the League of Shadows. In return, he destroys the entire base – effectively killing everyone inside it. At the end of the movie, he even leaves Ra’s al Ghul behind to die a slow painful death by fire. 
Smart move.

And even in comics, as long as the people he’s fighting with, don’t die in front of him, he’s completely fine with breaking them. Five broken ribs and internal bleeding? – It’s aight.

The treatment of his sidekicks

He claims to stand for justice but instead exerts base revenge. If he actually cared, he would be trying hard to make sure no other child lost their parents like he did. Somebody like a billionaire is in every position to do exactly that.

How many underage boys died on his damn job again?
Most of Batman’s “assistants” have been young orphans, that have either died or sustained critical injuries.

People are just part of his “mission”. He will train young damaged kids to beat people up as living weapons.

Barbara Gordon’s paralysis

Batman treats poorly not only young kids but his other allies too.

For example, when Barbara Gordon as Batgirl was shot in the back by the Joker, resulting in her paralysis, Batman did not bother to help her recover. This is despite having suffered two spine injuries himself, that he recovered from. Batman could have very easily helped her out because he himself had done it twice.

Treating women

First, looking at his “history”, we can definitely say that Batman is a cold womanizer and can’t seem to handle his double life after getting involved with a woman. But you can say that it’s all fun and games, but do you know what he did to his own wife? 

In “Batman: The Widening Gyre”, Silver and Bruce got engaged. But Batman felt that things were… too good to be true. So, because of his trust issues and, apparently, mental instability, he assaulted his one wife, Silver, and started plucking her hair to see if she was a spy or a robot.

He almost got everyone killed

Batman is the guy you bet on because he plans for every eventuality, such as the possibility of superheroes going haywire… like Superman, for example. In fact, he created a database full of the strengths and weaknesses of certain superpowered beings. The database was stolen by his long-time enemy, Ra’s Al Ghul, and used to effectively eliminate each member of the Justice League.

You have to respect the man for his ability to plan so well. Although it was ultimately used for evil, Batman’s plans worked. The problem here is that he clearly didn’t plan well enough for anyone to steal that database. He had the lives of his allies in his hands and it was either arrogance or a lack of foresight that kept him from keeping that database safe. Either way, maybe he shouldn’t have that power.

He spends his time “wisely”, plotting to destroy his friends 

If Superman ever goes crazy, Batman will be ready with a fist full of kryptonite. If Martian Manhunter ever decides to wipe out humanity, Batman will be there with some magnesium-laced nanites and a flamethrower. It shows the incredible amount of foresight he often employs. It also shows how much time he dedicated to actually plotting to destroy his friends.

More recently in the Batman: Endgame story arc, it was shown he continues to develop specialized weapons and armor to help him take down the Justice League… “just in case.” 

Just how many different methods does he need exactly? Maybe he should have spent more time trying to find ways to stop the Joker so none of the members of the Justice League could be controlled like that in the first place.



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