Xavi’s here! During this first month I have been adjusting myself to all the inputs that my stay in Poland has given me: polish language, sharing a flat, a new climate, a new job – with their respective colleagues -… Too many things have happened, but today I come to you to tell a very special story that happened last week. are you coming with me?

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Hola de nuevo! Hi again!

During these first weeks a lot has happened. Almost all of them are fantastic. I have perfectly acclimatized to coexistence, the language poses an enormous challenge that I am passionate about and I love it and, especially, the new job is super interesting. In fact, last week the Night of the Museums took place in Pszczyna, which I had the opportunity to attend as a worker.

The whole city of Pszczyna was decorated for such a special night. And the people of Pszczyna attended the event with enthusiasm, enjoying the live music that was projected in all the rooms of the museum: guitars, pianos, clarinets, violins…

The most important and impressive events took place in the Mirror Chamber, one of the most spectacular rooms in the entire Zamek-Museum. The most acclaimed ballet dances and piano works by the most experienced artists were produced there. In this way, I was allowed to attend, thanks to my fantastic colleagues, all the concerts I wanted, being replaced in my job by… THE DIRECTOR OF THE MUSEUM! An anecdote as funny as it demonstrates his humility.

Finally, I was allowed to sleep in the guest room of the museum. A fantastic room with vintage windows that allowed me to enjoy the sunrise observing the natural park of the Museum-Zamek.


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