Fives Spanish movies recommendations

Today I came here with the idea to share a little bit of the Spanish culture. Of course, as an actor, I will recommend a few not well-known Spanish movies. Maybe you know one or two of them, but I expect to discovered you a new movie you didn’t know about it, even if you are from Spain.

The first one it is the one that I think is the most know of all. [REC] is a horror movie filmed in the way of mockumentary and found footage. The plot is the story of two journalists who ended trap inside a building in the center of Barcelona while the outbreak of a dangerous zombie virus. This is also my least favourite even when it is a zombie movie, I love zombie movies, they are the only kind of horror movies I see. I would like to say why I doesn´t like too much, but I will spoil the movie. However, if you want to feel oppressive and see a camara moving a lot while trying to escape in a place where there is no way out. You should see [REC].

Now from the horror we are going to jump to the comedy. The name of this Spanish movie it is Spanish movie. Yeah, like that in English. Ironic? Maybe. But this film it is a parody comedy film like Scary Movie or Airplane!, but as you can imagine. You will see the parody of different Spanish movies like Los otros, [REC] or El laberinto del fauno. Even Leslie Nielsen appears doing the first and only cameo in a Spanish movie of his work.

Los cronocrímenes is the third one. I don’t want to see to much about it. I will only say it is a movie about intrigue and time travel machine. So, if you like this kind of science fiction, do yourself the favour of seeing it.

Let prepare the tissues and get ready to see what a father can do for his daughter in Magical Girl. A neo-noir film where Luis, an unemployed literature teacher, tries to fulfil the last wish of his 12-year-old daughter Alicia, who’s terminally ill of cancer: owning the official costume of anime series Magical Girl Yukiko. The elevated price of the costume makes Luis get into an unusual and obscure chain of blackmails.

And the last one, it is Pieles. But before you go to look for picture about the film, I want to warn you. This movie has some hard scene not suitable for all stomachs. The plot is the different life of people with different deformities and how they adapted to the society who reject them. The topic is also about prostitution, social exclusion, isolation and harmful trends. Anyway, if you like movies like Freaks (1932) or have a strong stomach I still recommend this movie. I am sure it will be like nothing you have seen.


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