Let’s take a peek to the opening of the “Age of Steam” exhibition at Zabytkowa Kopalnia IGNACY

This past weekend we had a big event at our lovely work place, the historical mine museum Ignacy. A lot of people could enjoy our old and new tourist attractions and all the amazing plays by different groups of artists who came to show their work.

First, if you don’t know Zabytkowa Kolpania Ignacy, I will present it to you. As I said, it is a historical mine museum. Here you can visit our steam engines and learn the history of this mine, we have the only steam engines of the region. You can go up in the tower to see all the surroundings lands. It is only 46 meter tall, but the mine it is locate in the upper part of Rybnik anyway so the view is splendid. For children, and for the not so children in my opinion, we have SOWA, a little laboratory where people can learn a few things of the wonders of science. And now you can enjoy our new exhibition. It is the bigger one, where you can learn all the history of engine steam and power by interactive machinery. Also, you can see the steam engine running in real time.

Also, I want to thanks to all the groups who participate in the opening. My recommendation if you see or hear the name “teatr KTO” or “Slepcy” don’t miss the opportunity to see a wonderful play, the physical work of the actors is amazing like no others plays.  


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