Kid’s Day Celebration

On Sunday I participated in a kid’s day in Myslowice. This was an amazing event where the whole town was gathered. I was surprised by the number of cool games and activities you can try. And all of it for free. It was clear how much effort was put into organizing this huge fair! And I am very glad to have been a part of game creation.

Me and my co-volunteer Florian, made a few games to promote the European Solidarity Corps program. For example, participants were supposed to put countries’ flags in the right places on a map. We prepared two kinds of maps. One of them was just an outline of countries for the older kids or the ones who are into geography. Another map had country names on it. So younger kids would be interested in playing as well.

Also, we created a game where we prepared a bunch of statements about two countries. The goal was for kids to divide those statements into two groups related to the countries.

And last but not least. Probably my favorite of all. A game where kids had to correlate the name of the country with what it’s famous for. For instance, tulips – The Netherlands, IKEA – Sweden, trolls – Norway, etc.

It was amusing how many people enjoyed the games. Even though I had the best time creating them, I had doubts whether they were going to be liked. Turnes out, we made ageless games because we had as many adults beside our table as we had kids!

I’m so happy to have had this experience! And now I can share it with others!

– Alena


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