The beauty in Art

Have you ever found the beauty in everything? Or thought that there is beauty in everything, especially the ones we can’t see or feel. But what if there is beauty which is seen and felt at the same time?

The beauty of Art is nothing but one of the most important things ever created and found. When you paint, draw, dance, etc. and others see the beauty hidden behind those things.

When you see a picture, go deep into it and see the most beautiful details maybe no one can see. An, most importantly, those details are quite individual. Different people can surely see different details in each Art and those details make the beauty itself.

Let’s take just paintings. One of the most beautiful, meaningful and spoken art works ever. In each painting it is possible to find millions of colours even if the painting itself is just black or white.

Usually people love colourful painting because they are full of life, joy, happiness and moments but, of course, lots of people find neutral coloured painting much more beautiful. Every piece of art, whether a painting, a vase, a statue or whatever it is, is beautiful on its own. But a question occurs.

What is beauty itself? What does it mean to people. Is it something that takes us away from the reality? or giving us faith and hope, or happiness while looking at it? Or it is something quite another which just cuts the connection with everyone and everything? It can be literally everything. Every single details can be found as a piece of beauty genre.

The life that we are living gives us a huge opportunity to catch every moment of those beauties, every single piece of them as much as we can or we want. But it is really a good and important thing to find what is really beautiful in your eyes and enjoy it.

And, as Bukovski once said. “Find what you love and let it kill you” so we can find the beauties in art that we really love and let them “kill” us.



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