Things to be extra careful with while traveling

When you travel abroad, you automatically become vulnerable when ending up in new surroundings and among new people. There is a lot that can happen and you never know when accidents happen, but luckily, there are some things that you can be extra careful with while traveling. 


It’s rather obvious that one should always be extra careful with their valuables. But it might be good to think twice about how you store and handle valuables when traveling, especially if you are going to underdeveloped countries. Do not walk around with expensive gadgets and valuables visible. It draws undue attention and contributes to a higher risk of theft and robbery.


Make sure you always use official taxis. In tourist resorts, it’s common that drivers try to take advantage of tourists’ lack of knowledge by charging excessive prices or driving detours. If you go by unregistered taxis, you run a greater risk of encounter a scam. If Taxi is your way of transportation, please use official taxi companies, and also make sure to check the approximate prices in advance.


If you’re drinking lots of alcohol, you’ll automatically be more exposed for something to happen, especially if you go home alone. One could also be unfortunate, that someone put a drug in your glass. Therefore, be sure not to let your attention slip away from your drink and never leave your drink at the table and later go back and get it.


In recent years, technology has developed rapidly, and security has not always had the time to catch up in all places. Skimming and various ways to get the PIN and other information have increased, and one should always be careful when withdrawing money from ATMs. If possible, use an ATM located inside a bank or directly adjacent to a surveilled place with a lot of people.

Food and water

One should be careful with food and drinking water when traveling abroad. The bacterial flora can differentiate against the one you have at home, which can cause symptoms such as diarrhea and stomach pain.

There are also diseases, such as Salmonella, Cholera, Campylobacter just to name a few. It is important that the food is thoroughly cooked and avoid salad and vegetables that are rinsed with tap water if traveling outside Europe. With that said, I also want to say that you should not be afraid to eat food abroad. I’ve eaten street food and at all kinds of restaurants. 9 out of 10 times I have not been stomach or food poisoned, but of course, it has happened, and it is not fun, especially when you are traveling and want to experience and enjoy the destination. Therefore, be careful and make sure that the food is thoroughly cooked.

Unknown areas

While it’s fun and exciting to get lost and just stroll around when you go to a new place, it’s not certain that all areas are safe. Usually, there is no danger, but it can be good to have a decent track of where you are. Use Google maps, and always have your home address a pointer on the map.

Car / Scooter Rental

Some rental companies are trying to earn an extra pick on blaming tourists for various scratches and damage to the vehicle when you return it. Therefore, always check closely at the vehicle and if there are scratches or any damage before renting, make sure to take photos as evidence and make the renter aware of it to avoid any conflict.


As a child, you learn not to trust strangers, and although it can be fun with new people in your life, you should still be wary of strangers abroad. Avoid, for example, to tell exactly where you live and other personal things that don’t matter.


Some Internet connections are not secure, and your information can then be hijacked by someone else. Avoid setting passwords and other important things when you’re on a public Wi-Fi. Usually, there is no danger, but you never know for sure until it’s too late. Unless you use a program like Bitdefender to protect yourself.

Boarding Pass

While it’s not likely that anything will happen, it’s still worth mentioning that we are far too reckless in general with our boarding passes. The reason for this is most likely that we don’t know how much information you can get from a boarding card. All the information related to your booking are available through the QR code, which is scanned at the airport. Not only should you be careful with your boarding pass before the trip (to avoid being hacked into and change your trip), you should also be careful after the trip and not throw the boarding pass anywhere. If you thought it was safe to put out a picture of the boarding card on the Internet, think again, you can, of course, also scan the QR code from the screen. Save it and tear the QR code and throw in a safe place. This would avoid encountering someone to obtain personal information.


First and foremost, I want to dissuade anyone from using drugs. Then I would urge anyone who anyway decide to buy and use drugs abroad to be extra cautious. In a new environment, it can happen a lot and to be high on drugs will not help when disaster strikes. In many places in the world, the punishment is additionally much harder than at home. In some countries, you can even be punished by death for having drugs on you, and even more, when using drugs. Corrupt police officers and various scams related to buying drugs is not uncommon in poorer countries. Particularly in Asia and Africa.

Poisonous animals

Most of the world’s animals are not toxic and in Europe, we are fortunately spared from deadly poisonous animals. In other parts of the world, however, it’s different, and even if the chances are small that you will encounter a poisonous animal, it may be a good idea to read about them before you go to one place.



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