Yulia in Poland

Hi all,

I am Yulia from Armenia. Armenia is an ancient country with its own special culture and history, whose roots go back to the depths of the 9th century BC, the capital of which is now Yerevan. It was in Armenia in 2008 that a leather shoe was found, which was already used by Armenians in 3600-3500 BC. Of course, everyone knows that Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity as a state religion in 301. Also Armenia, more precisely Western Armenia is the land of 1000 and one church. On the territory of Armenia there is Lake Sevan, where whitefish and Svan trout are found. Lake Sevan contains 3% of the whole earth water of the planet earth. Armenia has its own language, alphabet, which was created in 405-406 by the scientist and priest Mesrop Mashtots. The entire alphabet is a prayer. Armenia is also famous for its carpets and rugs, they can be easily distinguished by patterns and knitting – you will always find a cross in patterns.

Also, in Armenian culture, khachkars are accepted – “khach” is a cross, and “kar” is a stone. Khachkars have a different message, as a rule it is a memory of an event or a person. Armenia is famous for its cuisine and hospitality, if you get to Armenia you will definitely be fed, watered and warmed. Armenia is also the center of winemaking. There are wineries in Armenia and even a whole village (Areni) that is engaged in this ancient craft. Every year, festivals of wine, fruits, vegetables, shish kebabs, etc. are held in Armenia. Armenia has the longest cable car – Tatev, which is 6 km long.

Tatev church 9th century AD

The Tatev ropeway is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Armenia has its own national anthem, coat of arms and flag. The flag has three horizontal colors – red, blue, apricot. Red is the color of the blood that was shed for the homeland, blue is the clear sky above your head, apricot is the color of fruits and hard work. Armenia also has a national currency – the dram. Armenian dramas depict writers, kings and nationally important temples and churches. Armenia gave the world I.K. Aivazovsky, Charles Aznavour, Kirk Kerkorian, Levon Aroyan, Sher Sargsyan, Arno Babajanyan, Serj Tankyan (and the entire SOAD group), Sergey Parajanov and many others. Thanks to the Armenians, we watch TV in color and dry our hair with a hair dryer. One can talk endlessly about Armenia and its merits. You need to see once than hear 100 times.

Let’s talk a little about me. My name is Yulia, I am 29 years old. I studied at the Faculty of Tourism, hoping that tourism in my country would develop. But alas, the political regime did not allow my hopes to come true, and I began to look for myself in other areas. Wherever I did not break through myself, but everywhere it was somehow not mine. Then I decided not to lose heart, I went to various seminars and trainings – I took up self-development. Gradually discovered the field of NGOs and began cooperation. At first it was volunteer work and programs, but then I was offered a job. I like the very idea of ​​NGOs – they do what the state does not have time to do or does not want to do. In my beautiful and beloved country, there is a lot of injustice, aggression and violence with which I categorically disagree. My work is related to LGBTQ people and vulnerable groups of people. I have been working in this area for 7 years, the last 3 I have also worked with girls and women, with people with special needs. 4 years ago, my friends and I founded the «DiverCity» NGO, where we work on the rights and advocacy of LGBTQ people and other vulnerable groups of people who have a different nationality, faith, etc.

I always wanted to visit Europe and get acquainted with the culture and way of life. In Armenia, they say Europe is the center of loyalty and openness. I am arriving in Poland, Wola has been for a little over a week now, and I feel as safe as possible. I, like a small child, accept everything with enthusiasm and this gives me an incentive and inspires me.

Yulia with love.


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