What and when visit Málaga?

The past week I give a talk about Andalucía region, speaking a little bit of every region. Today I will go into detail about Málaga, my home region. So, if you are planning to visit it, come and see some of the essentials places you cannot miss and some ideas to planning your vacation there, but remember this will not be all the things you can do there, there are even more.

I will centre my focus on Malaga city, but I also recommend visit some near towns as Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Benalmadena, Marbella or my home town Alhaurín de la Torre. You can visit them easily taking a bus from the station of Malaga. The first thing I recommend to visit it the “Muelle uno” (Dock One), from there you can enjoy the views of the sea and the port, eat in one of the plenty restaurants there, from a cheap one as Burger King to a fancy one. Also, there is the Pompidur museum, which you can visit it for free on Sunday afternoon. Closer to the centre we have the cathedral one of the most important and bigger monuments. We call it “La manquita” (One-handed) because one of the towers isn’t finish, but this is part of the history and make it especial. Not far away from the cathedral, you can visit the Alcazaba, an Arabic castle with views to the sea, you can see it also from the Muelle Uno.  Placed in the foot of the wall you can find the Roman theatre, where you can even watch a theatre play there. A little bit hidden but close, there is the Picasso Museum, where you can see some of the art of the famous Malaga painter. Also, as the actor I am, I highly recommended watch a theatre play in the Cervantes Theatre, it is located in the centre too. About to places to go to eat, now I will flex a little bit and say go anywhere you see, it is going to be good, but there are two things. One, there is a winery next to the roman theatre calls El Pimpi, it is the best winery in Malaga, where all the famous people go there to drink wine like Antonio Banderas. And second, if you go to Malaga, you need to try the “Camperos”, there are a special sandwich that you can only find in Malaga region.

Now for the people who prefer nature, I will recommend to things. The first one is “El caminito del Rey” (The King’s Little Path) is a walkway pinned along the steep walls of a narrow gorge in El Chorro, near Ardales. If you are affray of high, maybe this isn’t a place to go, but it is truly amazing. Also, if you want to go you need to make a reservation with time or you will not able to visit it. The second one it is one less popular but know for most of the Malaga people. The place it is call “Barranco blanco”. There you can swim in big pools of natural water of the river or you can take a hike along the river, most of the parts you can walk but, in some parts, you are force to swim, so remember to take things that can put on water without problems.

Finally, I will recommend to visit Malaga in these two holidays. One is in the Semana Santa (Holy week). Because Malaga has one of the most impressive Holy Week in Spain. There are long processions through the streets with pasos, religious floats and sculptures. Religious statues are carried along on the shoulders of the cofrades, members of the cofradías or lay brotherhoods that organize the processions. Even if you are not a religious person as me, it is interesting to see the thrones, how they are built and carried by the people, who take that as an honour for them. And the last, but not the worst, we have the Malaga’s fair. You will enjoy and see how Malaga and their people get full of colour and party everywhere. It starts in the second and third weeks of august so you are on time to get a ticket to go there.


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