Spas – Armenian Traditional White Soup

Spas is a national Armenian soup. It has a white color and a very pleasant light taste. Ingredients:
matsoni, sour cream, dzawar, cilantro, water, butter, salt (to taste).
It doesn’t take much to cook. You wait until the white mixture (water, matsoni and sour cream) almost boils, then you add dzawar (such a cereal). You need to know that the water should be more than twice as much as matsoni and sour cream combined. When the cereal has already boiled, add butter and herbs, salt.
It seems nothing complicated, but there is a little secret. During cooking, it must be stirred all the time. It is best to stir it with a wooden ladle. Why? That’s the whole secret – when the soup is cooked with something wooden, it turns out tastier and more airy. If there is no wooden ladle, you can throw a match or a toothpick.

Spas (soup)

Literally, the name “Spas” (arm. “Սպաս” ) means “wait”. Why exactly? Because during cooking it seems to you that it is already ready, but no)) So the name came from this.
Armenians traditionally cook spas after the New Year holidays. After a variety and abundance of dishes, salads and drinks, our body desperately needs to be restored. Also, Armenians prepare spas in the summer. In addition to the healing effect, a feature of this wonderful dish is that you can drink it, yes, drink it cold.

But, of course, you need to try once than read a hundred times)))
Enjoy your meal.



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