A trip to Prague

Traveling is great, yeah? We enjoy it till its fullest, grab beautiful views, taste traditional dishes, walk to the typical streets and so on. We feel like being in another part of the world when we travel. So the same was with me when I went to Prague for a trip. And why was this trip very special for me? Because I was in my dream city I always wanted to be.

I was in my dream city and it was something I will never forget in my whole time. I was traveling with my friend and she saw how happy I was once I put my legs in Prague. I was happily shouting and showing my emotions without even thinking about people’s reaction to me. Sounds weird, yeah? Actually it was.

It’s very easy to walk in Prague cause everything is super easy to find. Though there are a lot of tourists everytime, especially durinh summer, but it is still very easy to go the places you want without even using any maps or somethings like that.

In Prague the atmosphere is just great. People are very kind. You can easily try some tasty sweets even for free. I did it 3 times actually and it was one of the craziest things I did in Prague.

It was cool to travel with trams in Prague and all in all in Czech because they are really super comfortable and you get from one place to another one really without any difficulties.

Prague is super beautiful at night. When there are lights everywhere and you just feel like home, really. You don’t even feel that you are from somewhere else.

You can freely walk, ask for something, try their tasty things and really enjoy your time there.

From the very beginning of my trip to Prague I felt those vibes I was thinking and dreaming about. And I will never forget them.

So, if you really want to be somewhere cozy any fell like in dreams, go to Prague.

I am very happy I have been there. It was my biggest dream. So I made it true. You can do it too.


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