Others Spanish series that are not “La casa de papel” (The paper house)

Again, I come to recommend something to watch, this time are Spanish series. I already know a lot of people have seen “La casa de papel”. So, I will not recommend it. As in the other post of movies, I will bring something to everyone.

I will start with the one I love the most and give me more nostalgia of Spain and my childhood. “Bandolero” (Highwayman) it is an animation series for children in which we follow the adventures of Bandolero and his crew who fight the injustice and the evil governor of the town who killed his parents by burning their house when Bandolero was a child. This animation has a full Andalusia doubling which only make it better and make me proud of my Andalusian accent.

The next one I recommend it is “El internado” (The boarding school). It is a teen drama thriller. Where two brother are send it to the boarding school calls it “Laguna Negra” (Black Lagoon) after their parent disappear in the sea. When the two brother get in weird things and horrible death started to happen and it look like that Paula, the six years old sister it is in the centre of the whole mystery.  To be honest I didn´t watch it, but it is one of the most renown Spanish series I remember.

One of the older one and again, one that give me more nostalgic, it is “Manos a la obra” (Get down to work) a comedy series about two construction workers. Manolo and Benito are the two classic Spanish guys who aren’t the best in what they do and most of the time they destroy more than repair. If you see the series, you will know a little bit more of the comedy of Spain and Spain itself in the end of the two thousand. Also, there are a character who is a polish plumber woman, sadly the actress it isn’t polish.

Let’s continue with more comedy, but also with some more drama and a family series to all the publics. “Los Serranos” it is a series where Diego serrano, a widowed father, of three boys and Lucía, a divorced mother of two girls got married after an event that get together again. Now they need to suffer the problems of the communal living with the other gender and learn to empathy with the others.

And the last one is “Merlí”, do not confused with Merlin the wizard. Showing influences of movies like Dead Poets Society, in Merlí, the creators try to bring closer the philosophy to all the publics. Merlí is a philosophy teacher with unorthodox methods who it going to help their students and people surrender him using the philosophy of Socrates, Schopenhauer or Nietzsche.    


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