The first step of a new beginning

Hello everyone,

My name is Rusudani from Georgia. I am 26 years old and I grew up in a little town it’s called Akhaltsikhe. This is a small but diverse town, where people with different and religious backgrounds peacefully live together during centuries.

Akhaltsikhe as well as Georgia is known as a small country and small town with a giant heart. We are proud of our natural environment, and Hospitality is a feature that has stood the test of time. As a Georgian, I love many things about my country, and right now, Let me introduce to you the  Top five Important things that we Georgians are usually proud of all the time.

Here we go:

  1. Georgian Alphabets;
  2. A masterpiece of Georgian literature;
  3. Georgian Dance;
  4. The Georgian cuisine;
  5. Wine Way Georgia;

Firstly, Do you know that there are 14 different writing scripts in the world – one of them is Georgian, Can you imagine it? Also, The first printed material in the Georgian language was published in 1629 in Rome. Our country has got a unique development of the Alphabet and it started with Asomtavruli, then  Nuskhuri, and now we are using  Mkhedruli.

Second, Georgian people used to express our history and culture through the different aspects of artifacts and manuscripts as well. So, Let me introduce you to The Knight in the Panther’s Skin the poem written in the 12th century by Shota Rustaveli. The poem consists of over 1600 Quatrains and is considered to be a “masterpiece of the Georgian literature”. The poem is regarded as the “coronation of thought, poetic and philosophical art of medieval Georgia”, a complex work with rich and transcending genres.

Third, Georgia often had to go through difficult times due to its geographical location. The struggle for territory, preservation of the culture, and nationality are in a response to showing all of the spirituality of Georgia with Art and Of course with Dance. In so far, Georgian Dance is used to express our history, culture, and amazing stories about love,  friendship, and heroism as well.

Then comes Georgian cuisine, which is unique to the country, and each historical province of Georgia has its own distinct culinary tradition. The importance of both food and drink to Georgian culture is best observed during a feast called supra.  And what’s most interesting about Georgian Supra is that in a Georgian feast, the role of the tamada (toastmaster) is an important and honoured position.

Finally, The Wine Way Georgia. This is what we Georgian People do love about our country. In Georgia, Winemaking methods have got unique and amazing traditions. For us, all the processes starting with picking grapes and finishing with Crushing grapes are like feasts, and we all celebrate it together.

So, it was all about my country, and Right now Let me tell you about my story.

I guess, now you can imagine growing up in this extraordinary and multicultural society helped me to find a way to become a person who is always ready for new challenges and my journey started in Akhalsikhe where I grew up. When I was a child I always wondered to become an explorer. After finishing school I became a Sociology student at Ilia State University and moved to Tbilisi, and like it was said my interesting and professional life started here. I became a volunteer and civil activist at Ilia State University. This volunteering activism provides support for Ilia State University’s 4 + 1 program students. Activities envisage the teaching of Georgian as a second language for non-Georgian students and representatives of ethnic minorities and their integration with the university space. So, I am actively involved in the formal and non-formal learning processes. I was taking part in interesting and necessary training courses and also I conducted training seminars on various topics. Among them, I would like to single out a seminar cycle provided by the UN Association of Georgia micro-grants program entitled “Your choice creates your future”. Thereafter, in 2019, together with my colleagues, I founded a non-governmental organization working on women’s rights. An association that focuses on girls’ and women’s social, economical, and political integration into society.

After all, In my way, I discovered three of the most important goals and I created my life with them. First, Reading as much as I can, then travel as far as I can, and finally, discover new adventures, I’m going to explore new things about societies. To me, the last one is connected to my profession, and  I am dedicated to discovering new perspectives about societies. Like Émile Durkheim one of the greatest sociologists once said “For Sociology, to be possible it must above all have an object all its own” I learned to live a life full of impossible destinations to make my life interesting. But, Two years ago covid-19 changed Everything. It Changed the world and it changed my way too and taught me important lessons as well.

And this year, I got the decision to start new an amazing life. I was looking for opportunities and Suddenly I came across the  European Solidarity Corps Programme. I   considered it a unique chance for me. Its content, goals, and objectives made a positive impression on me. I was inspired by the opportunities that we as Volunteers have. Can you imagine it? You are able to live abroad work, practice all your skills and learn some new at the same time i.g. the Polish language and so on. After I moved to Poland I found out Poland as a country with wonderful people and extraordinary traditions.  So, right now Let’s just see together what will happen and this is going to be an amazing six months here in Poland.


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