Armenian ”Switzerland”?

All of us know that Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is considered to be even the best place for people to live. A lot of people want to go there because their nature is just awesome. Even going only for the nature means that they are in somewhere else out of this Earth. But what does Armenia have here? Let’s discover together.

Armenia is one of the countries in the world that has a range variety of natural landscapes. It is very rich for its forests, parks and etc. In some regions even the places are just in green when it is spring and orange when it is autumn. People enjoy their lives there because they breathe fresh air and are surrounded by a green wonderland.

We have a region, Lori, which is one of the most beautiful regions in Armenia. Thousands of tourists go there every year just to see the beauty there.

Why did I mention Switzerland here because it reminds another type of Switzerland just in Armenia. A lot of people, especially during the summer holidays, tend to go there to be in fresh air, spend their time there and be seperated from the big cities’ noise.

During the whole 12 months seasons are very visible here. In spring it is green and freshness everywhere. The same is in summer with fruits and vegetables already riped. In autumn it becomes orange and red because of the leaves. And in winter it becomes snowy Switzerland in Armenia with full of joy and fun.

As you can see in the photos, here everyone can feel like home and never have any kind of desire to leave it. When you get there, everything becomes much more clearer, fresh, beautiful.

The road that takes people there is also something not usual. It has a lot of rounds among the hills. So when you drive you can have a look at the giant hills and mountains that cover the road. It is just a breathtaking moment.

I am a lucky one who has been there and has seen the beauties there. But everytime there is something new to discover.

So, if you ever dream to go to Switzerland, just remember that Armenia is another type of Switzerland too.



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