Łódź: The promised Land

I had the opportunity to visit Łódź and a group of good friends there who show me all the city and now I decided to come here and tell my experience and hopefully make you decide visit Łódź too.

Łódź is a big city located in the centre of Poland, something that make it very easy to get there. In the past it was one of the most industrial cities of Poland, something we are going to explored deeply later, but now it is a city that it is renovating itself and living of the culture. One there it is easy to move around the city, you can take buses or tram to every where or even go by walk if you don’t mind to move your leg, as I do, also it is a very flat city so you don’t need to suffer big hills.

Okay, but what is worth to visit? you can think now. Let’s get into this. The first thing and for me the most impressive it is the Piotrkowska Street, one of the longest commercial streets in Europe. There you will find all kind of bar, restaurants, shops for all the taste and for sure it is where you are going to expend most of your time. But, in case you don’t find anything you like, closed to the end of the street there is located Manufaktura. In the past it was one of the bigger textile factories in Łódź. Now it is an arts centre, shopping mall and leisure complex that include the largest public square of the city. Also close to Manufaktura there is the Izrael Poznański Palace, a marvellous construction and now the museum of the city, where you can learn more about the history and people who made these big factories and palaces all over the city. The last place you cannot miss it is the path of roses. It is a side street of Piotrkowska in which their walls are cover for thousand of mirror pieces giving and incredible visual effects of shattered reflection. If you want to get some amazing photos you need to visit it for sure.

If somehow, I made you want to visit Łódź, I recommend you also watch the movie “The promised Land”. A 1975 polish drama film in which you can discovered a very important time of the history of Łódź and some of the important people, like Izrael Poznański. It tells the story of a Pole, a German, and a Jew struggling to build a factory in the raw world of 19th-century capitalism.


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