Krakow view

People who come to Poland are told that one of the most beautiful cities in Poland is Krakow. Krakow was actually the capital city for a while but then Warsaw became. Still a lot of people consider Krakow as their capital city.

I decided to discover Krakow with my own eyes. When I first appeared there, it was a bit strange to decide which path to take and go through but after some seconds it was clear that you can actually go through every path cause anyway the view is so beautiful that you will not even understand how you got the place.

It was so fascinating to see people feeding the birds that where in almost every square. The city was full of tourists who came to discover and admire with the beauty of the city.

I was literally enjoying my every step cause it was taking me from somewhere to another amazing place. A lot of streets, people, markets, restaurants, etc.. So this is a great opportunity for a person who wants to enjoy the day to the fullest.

I mostly like the castle which shows a fantastic view of a lake, ships around the city. With every step you enjoy the moment and the beauty of the city which is breathtaking.
It is a bit hard to enjoy the process when it is hot because there are a lot of stairs to go up and when it is hot it becomes a bit harder to go up and see the whole view.

This is a city where you can easily walk, go, come back without hesitating that you need an additional help or something or someone. Once you are there, it seems that you have already been there and you know the city till the last street, so you enjoy your whole trip there.

I am sure the night is also very beautiful though I didn’t stay there, but staying there and having those beaautiful views in front of your eyes, is just amazing.

If you ever wonder going to Krakow or not, definetely choose yes. It is really worth seeing.



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