5 things that I love about Rybnik

Rybnik or  Rybńik is a city with wonderful people and magnificent history. And, it kind of captured my heart,  here are Five reasons why.

#1 Green Paradise  – Parks in Rybnik

First of all, I moved to Rybnik in July. To be honest, this time of year is the most incredible to visit and look around the city. What was inspire me was nice green parks for rest and recreation as well and I called it the Green Paradise.  Precisely, What I do love most about these green amazing parks is that I can bring my book and read in the green Green Paradise like in a fairy tale. But, if you forgot your book, don’t worry because you can find it in a little magic box, which is always full of magnificent books.

#2 main square and city center of Rybnik

The main square and city center of Rybnik is my favorite one. Here you can find some beautiful historical buildings, and monuments and what’s important is Bazylika – St. Antoniego Padewskiego in Rybnik, In my opinion, this Basilica is one of the good reasons why you should see Rybnik. The architecture, landscape, and stained glasses make the basilic an incredible one. Also, the temple is in the center, and like it was said about Rome ‘all roads lead to Rome is so right about Basilica in Rybnik. To be honest, when I first moved here it was like a navigator to me.

#3 Art Café

To me, Rybnik is a city where you can discover some places so accidentally. So, Art Café was one of them. Here you are able to take a rest for a while and enjoy the environment that creates the simulation like you are traveling in the past. A harmonious combination of modern and traditional artifacts was special to me.

#4 Rudy narrow-gauge railway

If you are a train lover and want to know how do trains work you must see this Rail Museum. In this museum, you will be able to see how was working the trains and also how was life ordinary people’s lived in Silesia in the past.

#5 Kapielisko Ruda – Sport and Recreation Center

Rybnik is famous for its aquaparks and swimming pools. Kapeilsiko Ruda is one of them, where everyone’s friends, families, and just colleagues can send a really really great time together. I even can’t find the right words to describe you should come and experience it in Rybnik



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