Autumn is here

Autumn is one of my most favorite seasons of the year. When autumn comes I really feel myself very happy and delightful.
It is really cool to see the leaves changing their colors and falling down.

A lot of people don’t like autumn because they think that it is getting cold, it is dark and the days become shorter and shorter. But as for me autumn is really beautiful because it shows that summer ended and now it is time to chill a bit.
In autumn the atmosphere becomes really cool and you feel yourself exactly like in a fairy tale.

Photo by Pixabay on

Actually I am lucky cause I will see and feel all the seasons here in Poland. I saw how summer goes and now it is time to see autumn here.
I hope that it will be very beautiful. I will not say as beautiful as in Armenia becuase they can’t be the same, but I hope that it will be beautiful.

I love autumn because it is a sign that shows that winter on its way to come. I think here it will be cooler than in Armenia. I love cold and I am waiting for cool and cold days to come so I can enjoy them here.
You can speak about your favorite season too and wait for it to come to become really very happy and kind of comfortable.



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