Facts about Georgia that you rarely find on the internet

Behind the Google articles and all of the information you can find about each country’s location, history, and so on, there are little things that you should know about each country’s society and culture. Digitalization of books, history, legends, maps, photos, and ect. is the most impressive achievement in my mind. But, you never will know a true story about society and culture until you meet them. And dear reader you may consider it like a reason why I am in Poland, then you are right and keep going.

Likewise, Georgia is a country that is frequently searched on google and it must be said that mostly with keywords like ‘Georgia history’, ‘Tbilisi’, ‘Georgia country’, and so on. But, Let me tell you some interesting facts about Georgia and especially about Georgian People that are a little bit difficult to find on google.

Here are the five funny and interesting facts about us that you may rarely meet on the internet.

            Jokes about ourselves

Joke representations are a great way to understand society’s attitude and I like to propose a general idea of verbal humor, focusing on verbal-jokes as it’s the most representative subset of Georgian People. Generally, Jokes about ourselves show not only patterns of humor and the feelings and attitudes that we are sharing. You may know, that Georgia is a country that is divided into regions 14 regions and we have a lot of jokes about people from different regions of Georgia.  The jokes,  namely script oppositions,  logical mechanisms, situation targets,  narrative strategies,  and language,  are different and represent particular regions.

The proposed hierarchy enables the concepts of joke variants and invariants, introduced previously by Svans from a region of Svaneti, Imerles from Imereti, Megrelians from Samegrelo, Kakheles from Kakheti, etc.

For us, the use of humor is a complex, puzzling, and idiosyncratically human form of our behavior. A critique of other work on humor is also provided. The speech pattern devices are used in various jokes. So, we Georgian people have got a great sense of humor, and what’s surprising we are used to creating jokes about ourselves.

Family and Friendship

One more admirable fact about Georgian People is that usually, we’ve got huge families and groups of friends. Georgian people are social beings and are about to be in a relationship with other people and socialize. There are different types of relationships: family, friendship, romantic, work, professional, and others. But the most important social connection for us is our families and friends.

Family relationships

In our country family members or relatives are those to whom we are related by some kind of kinship, be it blood (for example, parents, siblings), marriage (for example, non-biological uncles, parents, cousins), romantic relationship (for example, a parent’s girlfriend or boyfriend). In addition to the fact that family includes parents and step-children, whom we see every day, it also includes relatives such as aunts, uncles, and grandparents, whom we may not see very often. What’s important is we are used to celebrating birthdays, Christmas, new-year festivals, easter, and many many holidays together.


Georgian people are dedicated to friendship. We choose friends at different stages of life. These are people we trust, respect, and care about. A good friendship should be based on sincerity, loyalty, and support. For it to exist, both people must consider each other as friends. There are different degrees of friendship, some friends are closer than others. It is preferable not to talk about personal matters with a friend whom we have known for a while or do not see very often. We may feel more comfortable and secure around friends we have known for a long time or spend a lot of time with. Friends who are close and know each other well are often called “best friends”. Good friends respect and trust each other, they often have common interests and views. The greeting style is also different in friendship. For example, some of them express closeness by kissing and hugging, while others prefer to keep physical contact to the level of handshakes.

            Guest lover

Georgians have a proverb: a guest is a gift from God. This expression is enough to describe how important the guest is for the Georgian people and how hospitable the nation is. Tourists often report that they are invited to spend a few days in the mountains.

Arriving in Georgia, you will certainly find yourself at a traditional Georgian table, where you will meet the past, feel the present and toast the future. Georgian table is much more than simple Lkhini. Each member of the table is given the opportunity to toast their relatives and friends and pay tribute to the memory of the deceased. Tamada will surprise you with unusual toasts and traditional Georgian hospitality. The famous Georgian dishes will delight even the most sophisticated gourmets, and the polyphonic Georgian song and national dance will make an unforgettable impression that will follow you for the rest of your life.

The Birzha

In the streets and yards of Tbilisi and other big cities of Georgia, in the center and in the suburbs, you can often notice the gathering of men. Sometimes in the Fanchaturi (Besedka) of the district, sometimes the boys gathered at the entrance have a name – Birzha.

A Birzha is a gathering place for young, unemployed men, often in the same area of the district. Every exchange is different. It is variable, composed of many different people, united by neighborhood and unemployment; Sometimes criminal understanding, street.

In some neighborhoods, the exchange is a gathering space for neighbors. Such an exchange is more diverse. Old people also roll dice or play dominoes. Children also have their entertainment. Tired women also sit down to tell each other news.

The Birzha, which I mentioned in the Tbilisi suburb exchange and is diverse. If the weather is good, there are usually more people. On summer days, in the evening, even more.

The reasons for standing on the Birzha are often the same. The days spent on the banks of the city, and in the suburbs are also similar.

Public demonstrations

Finally, Georgia is a small country, Georgian people are an owner of a fighting spirit. So, We are like to fight for what is important to us and we are about to against always what we consider unfair. So, like a joke what you should see when you will go to Tbilisi or any big cities in Georgia are public demonstrations, which we always have. These public demonstrations are about religious, political, social, and economic issues that are considered unfair and the way how we are fighting against injustice in Georgia.

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