Did you know that The Małopolska province is placed right in the center of Europe?!

Hello dear readers, recently I visited Krakow and Kielce, also I have been in Oświęcim and I understand that it was a high time for me to discover more about Lesser Poland Voivodeship or Lesser Poland Province (in Polish: województwo, also known as Małopolska).

The early medieval Polish state was consisted of Małopolska (Lesser Poland Province) , Greater Poland (Wielkopolska) and Silesia (Śląsk). Małopolska was created on 1 January 1999 out of the former Kraków, Tarnów, Nowy Sącz and parts of Bielsko-Biała, Katowice, Kielce and Krosno Voivodeships. The province’s name recalls the traditional name of a historic Polish region, Lesser Poland, or in Polish: Małopolska. Current Lesser Poland Voivodeship. Current Małopolska covers only a small part of the broader ancient Małopolska region.

Why is this region so important in Poland and for me too?! Did you know that The Małopolska province is placed right in the center of Europe?! I can easily said now that I was in the center of Europe.  Lesser Poland is the warmest place in Poland and I would say that, as a Georgian, I did not even feel any difference between Krakow and Tbilisi weather. The Małopolska province embodies Polish prime tourist destinations, be it summer or winter. There are such obvious musts as Krakow, Tatra Mountains, Auschwitz, Wieliczka or Jura.

From my point of view, economy is boiling here. Among others, the Małopolska province is home to Europe’s fourth biggest maker of cables (Krakow’s Tele-Fonika), Europe’s third largest producer of synthetic rubber (Oswiecim’s Dwory), and the world’s second biggest maker of roof windows (Nowy Sacz’s Fakro). Also I have to emphasize that Krakow’s Balice International Airport is Poland’s second biggest.

Besides economic and geography, I have to repeat well-known opinion – how marvelous the Krakow is. I was walking with my eyes wide open and did not want to wink in order not to miss any building or the view. And people in Małopolska are hospitable, welcoming, and friendly. I don’t know it was my impression or general true, but polish conversations in Małopolska were easier to understand for me – as a person, who still struggles to learn and is not more than on A2 level.



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