Discover the art of the details in Kielce !

Hello dears, here I came to tell you about my discovery of the fascinating city of Poland – Kielce. As I wrote in previous blog I visited Kielce and that city has a special place in my heart, as the symbol of art and friendly people. My host was a Georgian volunteer in Kielce and her coordinator from Instytut Dizajnu w Kielcach. Their attitude toward me as a volunteer and as a guest was remarkably welcoming, even though I interrupted their working process. They shared their ideas and projects they are doing with volunteers, showed me previous works and collaborations and the city. I was looking at Kielce’s beautiful and unique style with their eyes and discovered totally different Poland. I discovered the art of the details.

Despite having many unique and historic landmarks, the city is not well-known destination among the tourists. Kielce is the capital of Poland’s Świętokrzyskie (Holy Cross) Province and has a population of around 200,000. Kielce was once an important center of limestone mining and the vicinity is famous for its natural resources like copper (Cu).

I want to describe the landmarks I visited. Palace of the Kraków Bishops in Kielce (1637–1641): summer residence of Bishops of Kraków, built in early baroque style by Giovanni Battista Trevano and Tomasz Poncino. It houses a museum with an important gallery of Polish paintings.

I also visited two quite different churches which made me speechless. Unfortunately, Holy Trinity Church (1640–1644) was under reconstruction and could not see from the inside, but outside part – green roof over building, built with red bricks, creates unbelievable color combination, only in nature can be found. Baroque Cathedral (12th century, rebuilt 1632–1635 and again in the 19th century) was in its style from inside till outside and the yard. The golden frescos and the sanctuary were shining and give the feeling of the sunshine.

I also visited one of the most beautiful streets – Sienkiewicza Street in Kelce and Old Town market (18th century) with the best, traditional bakery in Kielce, famous for its bagels. Of course, I managed to see the Late-Modernist futuristic Kielce Bus Station, which reminds me a spaceship. As in the whole city, you should be super attentive about details, because in the fantan I found copper (Cu) miniature sculptures of the town square with its bus, passengers and residents. Even the common bank branch was in a beautiful building. Unfortunately, I had no time to visit the Museum of Toys and Play and Laurens Hammond Museum, which is well-known by Hammond organ, the Hammond clock.

For people interested in geology, Kielce is a haven, because you can visit: Geopark Kielce with the Center of Geoeducation and 5 geological natural reserves in town area.

To sum up, I would visit Kielce couple of times and discover the nature around, as it is fascinating too. I want to express my gratitude toward the Instytut Dizajnu w Kielcach for unforgettable impressions.



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