We lived in war

I guess you will be very happy and free of emotional attacks while reading this. And you will be a super happy personbecause most probably and successfully you are not living in a country that borders mostly enemies. But I do. My country does.

It already the second day that Armenia is in war becuase of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan attacked and continues attacking on Armenian sovereign territory. Some the most important borders are under attack now and of course whole Europe and the whole world is mostly silent. They are just calling for peace but are doing nothing for that. They continue their diplomacy of not giving any serious importance to the situation.
Armenia has more than victims already in these 2 days but the war goes on…

Photo by Uu011furcan u00d6zmen on Pexels.com

You can not imagine what does it mean to live in such a small country like Armenia and have wars. We had 44 days war just 2 years ago and again the whole world just closed its eyes and we tried to survive losing more than 4000 soldiers and not only. And today we are again forcing to this injustice against us.

All we want is peace and nothing more but as you see, we can’t have it because we are very small and our enemies can do whatever and whenever they want.
The war is going right now and we are trying to keep us alive.
We are trying to understand how can we survive without any hopes that huge countries can help us stopping Azerbaijani agression.

I hope this war will end soon and my soldiers will stay safe and alive. But the whole world is again going to close its eyes and say and do nothing.
We are a small nation, they don’t have time for us.


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