Albania: New Wind Power Project

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy announced that out of 17 companies that showed interest in establishing wind power plants in Albania, six have progressed to the second phase, as Albania seeks to desperately diversify its energy sources amid soaring prices.

Albania relies on hydropower for most of its energy, topped up by fossil fuel imports during winter. But this is under threat from climate change, gas shortages, and exorbitant prices on the international market.

Photo by Andreas Gücklhorn | unsplash

Along with natural gas and solar power, the government has been diversifying into wind power, inviting international and local companies to get established in the country. This project will have a capacity of 620MW, and when all those in Albania are completed, this will rise to four terawatts a year.

“Windfarms under work today will start producing in 2025.  Our calculation is that the production capacity of the country, we will increase the production capacity to four terawatts per year,” she said.

Energy Minister Belinda Balluku said there was a good response from local and international companies, but 11 failed at the technical level. The remaining companies are Total EREN, Verbund, Voltalia, Eksim Yatrin Holding, Ayan & Salillari, Guris & Morgan Energy. Moving into the second phase, their financial capabilities will be assessed, although support will be given by the European Bank of Research and Development.

Balluku said there had been continued interest in constructing photovoltaic plants and wind farms due to the high economic feasibility and the current global energy situation. She noted that the Karavasta plant was already under construction, and the plant in Spitala will start work shortly.

However, the new parks will not result in pre-crisis prices for Albanians. The new project, currently under application, specifies energy will be worth EUR 75 per megawatt, while for existing parks and those under construction, it is EUR 55.

– Florian


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