Who am I?!

Hello Guys!

My name is Ferdane Azemi but you can call me Ferdi. I come from the land of the  art and music – Kosovo – we have many famous singers like Rita Ora, Dua Lipa, Ava Max, Bebe Rexha and the first thing that comes to my mind when I want to represent my country is these names because we love music and our country has very talented youth, even in our native language our singers has being very successful in international music industry like Era Istrefi. Kosovo is a very old country and beautiful, people from Kosovo are very connected  with Albania country this is because in our past we were together and even today we represent ourselves as Albanian from Kosovo. People from Kosovo are very friendly and they are known as a good hosts, a good reason to visit Kosovo. I lived for my entire life in Mitrovica. The city of Mitrovica is divided into north and south by the Ibar River. In Mitrovica beside the Ibar River, there is the Sitnica River too. Mitrovica city is very beautiful is surrounded by mountains and rivers, is very important to mention that we have the University of Science and Technology and moreover in this city is located Trepce mine which in the past was the source of wealth and I hope one-day Trepce is going to work in the same manner.

Now let me introduce myself I am flexible, optimist and I want to share peace and the love between people, but is important to know that I am not a Famous Singer 😀 but Food Technologist 🙂

In 2021 I have graduated from the University of Mitrovica Isa Boletini in Master degree in Food Technology Faculty, Food Technology and Engineering Department. Since then I have been part of many trainings and projects not only in Food Field but also in human Rights, volunteering importance and how to advocate for our rights but of course, my focus is to gain skills in Food Field.

Being Food Technologist has  made me more aware of the quality of food that we are eating, and for this reason right now I am founder of Green Foods and Public Health NGO, through this NGO we are trying to share our knowledge about the importance of healthy foods eating and through youth people training we want to make them avoid unhealthy foods like fast foods, junk foods and drinks with sugar like coca-cola. And the other focus of this NGO is to train youth people about climate change, especially how it affects food security.

Being a participant in different trainings sometimes in the social field, I thought what can I do something in my field to learn our youth how we can make our life healthier… And here I am now working in Poland to gain more knowledge and experience then to go back to my motherland to contribute to the development of the state in food field.

I liked Poland, there is beautiful country and there the people are kind too, so I am happy that I am here 😀

Greetings From Ferdi…. 🙂


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