On-Arrival Training- Warsaw  

Hello again from Ferdi 😊, today I want to inform you more about my experience in on-arrival training, which was held this year in the capital of Poland- Warsaw. I will start to talk more about this city, it was wonderful, big and with interesting architecture.

The capital city is situated on the banks of Vistula river and has a beautiful river bank where you can sit and relax. In terms of history Warsaw  is  a rich one with castles and old town. It’s a phoenix that has risen repeatedly from the ashes of war.

Warsaw is peaceful, the people (polish people are called poles) very helpful and cheerful. Always greeting (dzień dobry) you with a smile on their face. Although there is an obvious language barrier (official language of Poland being Polish) and not many people know English  well and sometimes I tried to speak in Polish and English, still even if they don’t know English they tried and helped  me (had several instances when people tried to help me as best they could). For sure during this time I will visit again Warsaw.

And what about training?, well everything was great, there were different foods for us, there were nice hotel and very friendly trainers Elisa, Marta and Olga. We had opportunity to met with other volunteers and to share our emotions and our knowledges as well, moreover during this magical week we had the opportunity to learn more about Polish language and Polish Culture, we share between us our culture as well and we played different games (Ice-Breaking Games and Energisers Game) together.

During this time with other volunteers expect that we consumed polish food we tried also Indian food and it was deliciousits crucial to mention that we were from different countries like: Kosovo, Germany, Georgia, Belgium, India, Ukraina, Belarus, India, Spain, North Macedonia and Turkey 😊

Kind Regards!

Ferdi….. 😊


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