Visit to Bratislava

October 27 was a very specific and important day for me because me and my friend had already decided to go and watch one of the Armenian football team’s match against Slovan in their city Bratislava. We were waiting for that day for a very long time.

As we are a huge football fan, we wanted to be there for sure and enjoy the whole match so we packed our stuff and headed to Bratislava. It was a long journey, actually, but we survived because we knew what we were going there for.

After some 6-7 hours of long-long journey we finally got there. Actually it was not the city we were waiting to see. But it was all foggy so it was difficult to distinguish places even so we waited for the next morning to see it with some sunlight.

We got a chocolate cheesecake and free cappuccino in a cafe, enjoyed it, headed to our hostel to put all our bags back and go to the stadium. We were kinda tired but with full of energy at the same time.

While heading to the stadium, we managed to see some streets, walk a lot, compare some places with Armenian places and got some similarities and kept on going to reach our final destination. When we got there, it was just awesome. The blue light of the stadium was so intensive that everyone would fall in love with it even without loving football at all.

We got our places in an Armenian sector for not having any troubles, actually 😀

The game was quite good and in the second half we scored a goal. But, unfortunately, we lost some moments and they were able to score two goals and win. But besides this, we were very happy because it was the first football match we were watching outside our country in another country’s stadium.
We went back to our hostel with a lot of energy and emotions because it was worth spending 6-7 hours on the way to go and see it with our own eyes.
Next morning we got up, got ready for leaving the city because we had already boght the tickets back to Czech. We went to see some parts of the city, the river and the bridge, buy some magnets and go back to the station.

We had to wait a bit more for our train back to Czech because it was delayed. But we survived and got home without any problems.

Bratislava was very beautiful but when you were in the central parts mostly. It has beautiful parts, parks, buildings. Though the currency is euro, it was very cheap to stay there and enjoy some places.
I don’t know if I would ever go there again but I think it will be even much more beautiful in spring or summer without any foggy weather.
All in all, we really enjoyed our time and felt a dream coming into reality watching a match from this type of a stadium.

Next stop, the biggest dream, Santiago Bernabeu.



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