World Cup 2022

I hope you all know that it’s time for World Cup 2022 in Qatar so it means that the whole world is now in front of their TV’s watching their favourite country’s football matches. It’s already been a few days that the games started and all the people are waiting to see which country is going to win this time. Last time, if you watched, it was France. This year we will see which is the strongest one.

The games started to be really very interesting and passionate because all the players are putting all their efforts to get the best of this World Cup.

People, who know me, know how much I adore football and how much I waited for this tournament to finally start.

My favourite teams are a lot, actually. When I was a kid, I was a fan of Spain’s national team, also Germany and France. And now I am mostly a fan of football players than the teams though I hope France would win this year too.

There are several very strong teams here but almost everytime it is like that when something abnormal happens with the strongest teams and sometimes they don’t even get qualified for the next stages. This time it also happens with some strong teams but there is still some time for them to play even better.

A lot of really strong players are not here because they have some serious injuries and one of them is one of my favourite players Karim Benzema who is French and after the training day he got a serious injury and left the camp. And now I want them to win this tournament even more.

For me football is life. A very passionate, loving and interesting life full of joy, excitement, sadness and more and more. I love this World Cup too because you are able to see most of your favourite players’ games but it is very difficult at the same time because you don’t know who to be fan of, who to win, etc..

I don’t imagine myself without football because it is incredibly beautiful and it’s not just a game. Football is life.

If you are a football fan, enjoy this tournament because for some great players this world cup is going to be the last one. Vamos.



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