Autumn Wonderland in Poland

Greetings my Dear Reader,
We didn’t meet each other for a while, But After all, I decided to tell you about Autumn Wonderland in Poland.

Well, if someone asks me which one my favorite time of the year is, I cannot answer for sure. To me, each season of the year is special and unique. All of them, spring, summer, autumn, and winter have their own charm. I meet each time of the year as it suits them. I like winter with snow and a magical Christmas, to me winter sounds like a Christmas carol from Charles Dickens’s fairy tales, I like spring vibes too when everything is flowering this is like magic in the real world. And such an amazing summer with warm rays of sunshine that make me feel alive. And fall? Or Autumn, beautiful, calm, and charming and I am exactly in such a mood. I am in love with Autumn in Poland and let me share with you my amazing days in Brenna, Poland. I don’t know how they can have such a big impact on me, but the fact is that I have been in an autumnal mood for two months now.

I don’t know why many people I met in Poland can’t stand autumn. Terrible colds, withered and leathery trees, and monotony… I don’t understand them at all, Because to me, the Autumn season is so beautiful in Poland.

Meanwhile, tell me, can’t  Polish Autumn be warm at all?

Can’t a leaf always stay on a tree and always be green?

This is monotony and changing weather is just perfect, my friends.

And I’m calling it life.

From my experience, I had a couple of days trip from MDK youth center in Brenna and to me, it was one of the most memorable days in my life.

So, you may ask me my dear reader could Autumn be warm in Poland? Well, this is so famous fact that Poland is one of the coldest countries in Europe but let me tell you that Autumn in Poland was so warm and full of joy. You never feel the freezy weather from the mountains when you are with your friends around the Bonfire and all together are singing songs. So, this is true Autumn in Poland is so warm because people with open hearts and smiles are warming it.

Another reason why I’m in love with Autumn in Poland is its magical colors.  Red, yellow, golden, green, brown and many more colors that mix together… in every Autumn I’ve got a feeling that Air cleared from the rain…The rays of the sun, which have lost their strength, still do not stop shining…

You may agree with me dear Reader, it would be monotonous if it were all summer and hot weather. Look outside. Isn’t it beautiful in its own way? Of course, it is beautiful. This time of year has its own charm and makes everything around autumnal. Here, even now you are reading an autumn post and it puts you in an autumn mood. Now, autumnal blood is pumping in me. I’m sure that I’ll fall asleep dreaming of autumn dreams, and I’m also sure that you’ll think that this girl was too much from autumn fairy tales.

But, This is me a Volunteer from Georgia who loves Autumn in Poland.



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