Kosovo the way of Independence

Hello again from me, as I informed you in the eralier blog articles I come from the smallest country in Balkan Kosovo.

Kosovo in my opinion is very beautiful country with a painful story or histroy duirng my volunteering project here in Poland-Wola, on of my task was to present the way of indepndence in Kosovo, and for me was different feeling and emotiones.

Firstly I was scared to talk about war, wictimis and in general conflict in Kosovo because is not easy for me to talk about sensitive topics like war in Kosovo, but when I began to think more I said why not, this good opportunity to show why is important to respect humans rights and why the war is not allowed to happen because we all are humans and we do not have the right to kill other people. It was painful for me to show that in Kosovo because of the war are more than thousend victims, more than thousend raped women(including here little girls-9,13,15 years old), and more than 1400 children killed, so we had masacres, terror, genocid and pepole that were expelled from Kosovo.

During the preseantion in front of students from Poland, Portugal and Romania I felt a little bit senstive and I became emotional but I mangaed and I was very happy at the end because at least I could contribute somehting in the importance of  human rights and I was more than happy that I spoke about my country in Poland.

Always we have to remember that is that before nationality, ethinicity or religion we are humans, and as humans we have right to live and to cooperate with each other.

In fact I guess that the world is our big house and we have to work and to contribute to make easier and healhty life.

Kind Regards…

Ferdi… 🙂


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