Getting to know each other-

Being volunteer is great chance to meet new people and I emphasize that here people are amazing. I met people from Poland, Armenia, Georgia, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Turkey, India, Korea and let me show you that the best part of my project was to know people from different countries, I gain new friends, new experience and new energies.

And in the FRSP organisation I met good people as well strating from my coordinators, mentor, volunteers and staff in general, because of the pandemic our mentor often organized online meetings to know each other, to share our experience and to have fun.

But finally we met with each other physically for voulnteers day and Christmas meeting, it was a wonderful time, we visited a Pokusa pizzeria in Wola and we ate and share pizza together, beer, juice and we played bowling and pool.

We were happy to see each other, different cultures, different people and different contruies together, we shared our experience here and we talked a little bit about our past and what we would like to do in the future.

Ferdi.. 🙂

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