How to grow avocado from seed

Hello, this is my second blog, it’s only the second and I forgot to write it during the Christmas holidays . I thought for a long time about what to write about, but in the end I decided to write about what I had the most ´´fun´´ with at home during the holidays, my beloved avocado seeds. One of my many passions is growing avocado seeds (not professionally, of course), but everyone who lives in an apartment likes a beautiful, low-maintenance green plant. Many people like avocados, but many people do not know that it is easy to grow a beautiful plant from seed. The avocado seed can be germinated either in water or directly in a flower pot, (I don’t have good experience with germination in a flower pot). Avocados germinate slowly and It can take several weeks. However, the first roots should appear within two months, if not, try another seed.

TIP: to speed up germination, you can remove the brown skin from the seed and carefully crack it a little .

After cleaning the seed from pulp, stick 3 toothpicks into it so that it stays in a glass, it is also important to change the water regularly so that it does not get a coating that attracts mold. And now just wait until the first roots appear, then the stem and leaves, it can take several months. You don’t have to be afraid, and as soon as you see the stem and leaves, you don’t have to plant it in a flover pot right away, you can wait until the avocado gets stronger and then plant it in the substrate. A classic light substrate for houseplants is good for avocado. We plant the avocado in the substrate so that a little piece of the seed sticks out, remove the toothpick. For proper growth, avocados need a room temperature between 20 and 25 degrees and also plenty of light. At the same time, avoid places where the sun often burns, which could burn the avocado. It is important to keep the substrate in the pot moist, but not soggy. Avocado leaves and seeds are poisonous, so those who have pets at home, they have to be careful, the leaves can cause health problems or even death for pets.

With a bit of luck, a mature tree may also start producing avocado fruits. The first fruits usually appear after five to eight years of cultivation. Personally, I haven’t reached this point yet, I’ve been growing avocados for 5 years, I’ve already given away a lot of medium-sized plants, but at that moment there are about 8 seeds germinate on the window sill at my home ( Slovakia) and 2 in Rybnik for now (but there will be more 😀 soon).
This year, before winter, I tried for the first time to plant a large avocado in the garden and winterize it, so I am curious in the spring if avocado survived the hard Slovak winter .



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