Mythical creatures of Slovakia

Ahojte, welcome again! Recently, I was talking with someone about mythical creatures, which our mothers and grandmothers used to scare children when they were naughty , so I decided to write this artickle about this topick. Slavs have a rich folklore and many different magical beings, but I will try to list some that are typical for Slovakia (of course they can also be found in other countries).

Slovakia is rich in mineral resources, and especially in central Slovakia we had many gold mines (just as an interesting fact, one of the oldest mints in the world is located in Slovakia, the Kremnica mint is one of the few that has been working continuously since 1328). So I’ll start with a creature associated with mining.


Is a being of a demonic nature that lived in the mines. The name Permonik comes from German, in translation it means miner’s man, he looked like a dwarf, he wears miner’s clothes and has a lantern in his hand. They helped the miners in their work and warned them of danger, for which the miners gave them various sacrifices and followed mining customs. On the other hand, the Permonik showed them where to dig , to find gold. However, they mercilessly punished those who behaved noisily and did not respect their orders . They made their presence known in the tunnels mostly only by knocking, if they showed themselves to the miners, it meant danger, for example the filling of the shaft.


It has the form of a black chicken or a man with a chicken legs. According to fairy tales, a person could find a Zmok or get it from another person. Zmok serves it owner, it brings to owner various gifts ( salt, wood, silver, gold, …), but it is difficult to get rid of it. After a while, it becomes a burden to the owner, in some versions of fairy tales, the owner pays with his soul for this services.

Vila (Fairy)

Everyone has probably heard about fairies, many nations have a fairy mentioned in their folklore, and Slovakia is no exception. It is a being of human appearance. Fairies lived in forests or by streams. Fairies were women who died prematurely or drowned, often suicides. They often lured young mens, lured them with singing, and killed them. They could save themselves only if they had their clothes inside out or if a rooster crowed.


Also known as Hastrman, he is a being with human appearance. In each region of Slovakia, he had a different appearance, sometimes water dripped from his hat and shirt, or they imagined him as an old man with green hair.To people, Vodnik was an evil, harmful being ,he dragged people under water and imprisoned their souls. People protected themselves from him with garlic or plants that were consecrated.

Slavic mythology is rich in mythical and supernatural beings, but in the article I tried to name only a few that often appear in Slovak superstitions and folklore.



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