5 ‘’Must-See’’ Places in Barcelona. Let’s Have a Quick Tour

Once you appear in Barcelona, you must at least set in your mind the most beautiful and must-see destinations that are worth visiting there. If not, you can even make a list and keep it with you because you are going to have a lot of places to see in Barcelona and sometimes, without any note or a name, it is difficult to remember what to see there. I am here to take you to the 5 “must-see” places in Barcelona. The tour is going to be fun. So pick yourself and let’s get it started.

1. Sagrada Familia

You might have probably seen a lot of pictures and videos about Sagrada Familia and I am sure that you lost your mind at least for a second. Why is it like that? When you are there. you become fascinated by its unique style and beauty. It is so tall that sometimes it is not even enough to look upper and upper to see where it ends. It has several parts and some parts are currently being renovated and they are adding some new parts too. There are a lot of tourists in Barcelona all the time. If you want to see how beautiful it is inside, you need to buy an online ticket and go in when it is your time to visit. There are not many things to do or see.

You can buy your ticket online and go in when it is your time to visit. There are not many things to do or see inside, but the beauty of the walls, the style, and the architecture are quite enough for you to think that maybe you are in a colourful wonderland for some time. Surely, for most tourists, Sagrada Familia is the first destination to go and see. It is worth buying a ticket and going inside.

2. Casa Mila

Casa Mila is a beautiful building on a Barcelona street where again a lot of people are standing to see that architecture, which is awesome. It has a different shape, size, and style, which makes it unique in its way. There is also an entrance to the building. You need to pay. go inside, and enjoy the history of the building and, of course, know some facts about Gaudi who created that masterpiece as a lot of other buildings.

3. Beach Playa

When you are already a bit tired of your daily tour, the Beach Playa is the best part of the city to be around to enjoy some free time and feel the water near you. It is a beach where there is a cool bridge which sometimes opens and closes for some ships to pass. You can stand on it or go a bit, sit near the water and enjoy your time. guess there is no reason to tell you about the sunsets there. It is just breath taking to see how the sun sets there, how the water starts moving when it is a bit windy and how the ships are coming and going. You feel yourself completely in Heaven surrounded by nature.

4. Picasso Museum

If you find yourself an art lover, you should go and feel the vibes in Picasso Museum. Again, you need to pay, but it is even far cheaper than Sagrada Familia.

The museum is fantastic. It is very huge and you have to pass through a lot of numbered rooms really to know where to start and finish. Though the workers there help people find the right room to go in and see. It is cool especially if you are a Picasso lover. And when you come out of the museum you realize that you felt all the vibes Picasso wanted to share with his unique pictures.

5. Cathedral De Barcelona

This building is very beautiful and aesthetic to go near and see. It gives you quite different thoughts, vibes, and emotions at the same time. If you want, you can pay and go inside, look at it. If you don’t, you can just enjoy yourself from outside. There are always some birds and those birds sometimes make you feel something magical and spiritual. It is worth visiting this place and seeing how beautiful it is.

It is very easy to see those places in Barcelona because they are on your way while touring the city. Once you can see Cathedral de Barcelona, then walk a bit and see Casa Mila and so on. I will be more than honest and say that Barcelona is so beautiful that even the simplest building makes everyone stand for a while, enjoy its beauty and then go on walking. That’s why if one day you decide to go to Barcelona, take this little list with you and enjoy your time there.

So, if you happen to be in Barcelona, go to these places, and enjoy your time there.



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