Trip to Katowice

Hello, welcome to my weekly article on our blog. Today I will tell you about how was in Katowice. Last week over the weekend (when the weather was perfect, not like now) I decided to go on a trip to Katowice. The train journey there, was very pleasant from Rybnik (I am a volunteer there), there is a direct train, the journey is not very long and it is not very expensive either 😊.

Katowice captivated me with its size and beautiful architecture. I am a type of “tourist” who likes both entertainment and learning. By fun I mean shops, I like to go there and see the variety of products. But mainly I like history and art, so the main goal was the Silesian Museum, which was highly recommended to me by everyone. Immediately after arriving at the museum area, the place seemed familiar to me, it looked exactly like the historic mine Ignacy :D, brick buildings and steel towers (as in every Historic mine).

I was amazed by the interior of the museum, which was located underground and had such a concrete postmodern architecture. I was surprised by the diversity of the exhibitions, there was a section of art from the year 1800 and almost immediately next was video art, so it surprised me a bit, but otherwise the museum and the exhibitions were very interesting. What I liked the most in the museum was the section of amateur artists from Silesia, the paintings beautifully showed Polish customs and everyday life of people in the past.The mining theme was often painted (I’ve been seeing it quite often lately), so I was very fascinated by these paintings as well. I was also interested in video art (at university I studied it or learned about it), this kind of art is not for everyone, watching a flashing square for 5 minutes really requires an artistic spirit :D.
The expositions were moved to other buildings in the museum grounds, but there was only an exposition of the scanner that scanned the mummies (now I don’t remember where), it was about photos and videos, and in the next building there was a very interesting interactive exhibition about sign language focused on disadvantaged people (deaf and mute ). This museum adventure took me 3-4.



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