TLN Mobilicat. Ampliant Horitzons: pràctiques professionals a Europa

25/04/2022 – 25/07/2022


Good morning! My name is Arnau Roura, I am 25 years old and I am from Spain. I currently live in Myslowice because I volunteer as a Spanish teacher in Sosnowiec as part of the TLN Mobilicat, organised by Fundació Catalunya Voluntaria, from Catalonia (Spain). I am a historian, teacher and journalist. I’ve wanted to live in Poland since 2017 because I’m very interested in its history and culture. I like reading, travelling, visiting museums and cinema. In the next 3 months, I would like to get to know Poland better, especially Silesia, discover interesting facts about the country and learn the language.


My name is Carlos Chacon i am 24 years old and from TLN Mobilicat. In the first place I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity to get to know this wonderful country. I currently live in Wola in the next 3 months. I am a company volunteer Jagoda team. Let’s move on the next point.. I am a boy who loves sports and nature. During my life i have practiced many sports and i have studied as a personal trainer. In Poland i would like to be able to improve my English and polish and learn about their culture


Hi! My name is Alberto Enrech and I’m 23. I am a Spaniard and I normally live in Barcelona. Actually I’m living near Katowice in Silesia as part of a project organized by Fundació Catalunya Voluntària. This project is called TLN Mobilicat and gives us the opportunity to do internships related to our studies. In my case I studied Law and I’m collaborating in a privet company. I am really interested in Polish culture. During this time I would like to visit other cities around the country and learn the language.


Hi! I am Xavi. I am 26 years old and I come fromBarcelona. Currently I live in Wola, because I am makingan international internship organized and programmed byTLN Mobilicat, from Katalonia. Wola is a little silesianvillage, near to Oswięcim. Wola has a main street, whereyou can locate all shops of the village: kawiarnia, cukiernia, pizzeria… Mi friend Guża says that Wola doesnot have anithing worth to visit, but I find the village so cozy and cute! Wola has a lot of nature, and Barcelona does not. I am historian and I really love to read books. Generally I love to discover and learn new things. These months I amgoing to work in Psczynas castle, a beatiful place near to Wola. These months I would like to find out the most cozyand beatiful places of Silesia and Poland.