Fives Spanish movies recommendations

Today I came here with the idea to share a little bit of the Spanish culture. Of course, as an actor, I will recommend a few not well-known Spanish movies. Maybe you know one or two of them, but I expect to discovered you a new movie you didn’t know about it, even if you are from Spain.

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Xavi’s here! During this first month I have been adjusting myself to all the inputs that my stay in Poland has given me: polish language, sharing a flat, a new climate, a new job – with their respective colleagues -… Too many things have happened, but today I come to you to tell a very special story that happened last week. are you coming with me?

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Hola de nuevo! Hi again!

During these first weeks a lot has happened. Almost all of them are fantastic. I have perfectly acclimatized to coexistence, the language poses an enormous challenge that I am passionate about and I love it and, especially, the new job is super interesting. In fact, last week the Night of the Museums took place in Pszczyna, which I had the opportunity to attend as a worker.

The whole city of Pszczyna was decorated for such a special night. And the people of Pszczyna attended the event with enthusiasm, enjoying the live music that was projected in all the rooms of the museum: guitars, pianos, clarinets, violins…

The most important and impressive events took place in the Mirror Chamber, one of the most spectacular rooms in the entire Zamek-Museum. The most acclaimed ballet dances and piano works by the most experienced artists were produced there. In this way, I was allowed to attend, thanks to my fantastic colleagues, all the concerts I wanted, being replaced in my job by… THE DIRECTOR OF THE MUSEUM! An anecdote as funny as it demonstrates his humility.

Finally, I was allowed to sleep in the guest room of the museum. A fantastic room with vintage windows that allowed me to enjoy the sunrise observing the natural park of the Museum-Zamek.

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The week normally runs as follows. We have two one-and-a-half hour sessions of polish during the week, Mondays and Wednesdays. Then, we start our practice schedule. We have different types of timetables. Some people normally work in the morning. Some work mainly in the afternoons. There are also those who work independently in the mornings and afternoons. It is normal to work in person, although in my case teleworking is more common.

Then come the weekends. These days are specially to switch off and forget the working week. Friday is usually the perfect day to go to Katowice. Friday night we can find in the centre lots of crowded bars and restaurants. Saturdays and Sundays are days to visit new things around the region.

In particular, these weeks we had the opportunity to visit the castle of Pszczyna, a very famous attraction in the region. It is very well preserved. One of the interns is working there. We also went to the castle of Będzin and to Jasna Góra in Częstochowa, in the north of the region.

We also had the opportunity to discover the “Dziećkowice Plaża” one of the most interesting attractions close to where we live. We can find this place on the shore of the Dziećkowice Lake. There are many options to visitors. Small boats can be rented. Also pedal boats or even kayaking. In this place people have picnics around the lake with their families and friends. Also fishing it is possible, from the shore or even from a boat. It is a place surrounded by forests and countryside.

We will see what the next few weeks have in store.


Why I despise Batman

Bruce Wayne is heroic, good-looking, and wealthy. On the surface, he seems like quite the catch, but when you look at his broad history you’ll find that the things are, in fact, quite ugly. Well, obviously, anyone who goes around dressed like a bat has a few issues they’re clearly not dealing with. But ok, let’s ignore that for now.

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