5 REASONS WHY I LOVE WARSAW (and you should too!)

I always get the impression that Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is not at the top of the list for people to travel or visit when they consider places to go on holiday.  Perhaps it’s a belief that the city is in some long-standing destruction, or that it’s a depressing country, but as someone who grew up with one foot in this city, I can assure you it’s the furthest from the truth. 

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Reading the cultural landscape of Kond

Living in a particular space in a particular time one rarely gets to ponder upon the cultural heritage of the place. The study of the cultural practices and human activities to the extent that they are spatially related to each other is called cultural geography. It studies the placement and the spread of the materialistic, spiritual, political and ecological culture, art, lifestyle and traditions of the worlds ’population. Armenia, as an ancient nation, throughout its’ history has managed to become a crossroad of different cultural practices. Without going too deep into the history, it is necessary to mention that Yerevan itself has been a place of intersection of various cultures and societies too.

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Perła Górnego Śląska

Some of us really like visits, others much less. Some will visit castles; others prefer more leisure and sporting activities. Castles are all unique. They all have their own history, their own architecture. They make us dream, we would live there if we could, or we find them too big. One thing is sure: they do not leave us indifferent!

Hello readers, its Tamuna and today we will talk about the pearl of Upper Silesia – Pszczyna castle.

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