Armenian ”Switzerland”?

All of us know that Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is considered to be even the best place for people to live. A lot of people want to go there because their nature is just awesome. Even going only for the nature means that they are in somewhere else out of this Earth. But what does Armenia have here? Let’s discover together.

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Spas – Armenian Traditional White Soup

Spas is a national Armenian soup. It has a white color and a very pleasant light taste. Ingredients:
matsoni, sour cream, dzawar, cilantro, water, butter, salt (to taste).
It doesn’t take much to cook. You wait until the white mixture (water, matsoni and sour cream) almost boils, then you add dzawar (such a cereal). You need to know that the water should be more than twice as much as matsoni and sour cream combined. When the cereal has already boiled, add butter and herbs, salt.
It seems nothing complicated, but there is a little secret. During cooking, it must be stirred all the time. It is best to stir it with a wooden ladle. Why? That’s the whole secret – when the soup is cooked with something wooden, it turns out tastier and more airy. If there is no wooden ladle, you can throw a match or a toothpick.

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A way to recognize me


My name is Nelly. I come from one of the oldest and historical countries in the world named Armenia. I am 23 and I had opportunities to live in a village and in the capital city of Armenia- Yerevan. Armenia is a country full of historical monuments, churches, green forests, free water, etc.. Living in Armenia means that you are able to taste the Armenian delicious cuisine, try national and traditional Armenian dances and songs, visit breathtaking landscapes and feel safe in your every step. Armenia is a country where anyone can be friendly with you, help you in any case and wait for nothing in return cause we are a nationality that loves helping people when they actually need it. And if you are a travel lover Armenia is one of the best options for you because here you can spend your vacation and explore this country’s beauty at the same time.

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