Reading the cultural landscape of Kond

Living in a particular space in a particular time one rarely gets to ponder upon the cultural heritage of the place. The study of the cultural practices and human activities to the extent that they are spatially related to each other is called cultural geography. It studies the placement and the spread of the materialistic, spiritual, political and ecological culture, art, lifestyle and traditions of the worlds ’population. Armenia, as an ancient nation, throughout its’ history has managed to become a crossroad of different cultural practices. Without going too deep into the history, it is necessary to mention that Yerevan itself has been a place of intersection of various cultures and societies too.

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The most important and beautiful religious sites in Armenia

As the first country to adopt Christianity, Armenia is full of beautiful churches. The Armenian church has always been a central part of our history. Most of the churches were built in medieval times. Though some of them were damaged because of wars and earthquakes, they have been rebuilt as per their original plan. Here are some of the most interesting and beautiful religious sites in Armenia.

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