Visit to Bratislava

October 27 was a very specific and important day for me because me and my friend had already decided to go and watch one of the Armenian football team’s match against Slovan in their city Bratislava. We were waiting for that day for a very long time.

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Timisoara vibes

I had luck to spend one week in Timisoara, Romania. I will call it as one of the most perfect weeks in my life. I met a lot of Armenian, Spanish, Romanian and Polish people there and the fun we had together was just incredible.

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Besides being in a youth exchange program first in these 5 months living and volunteering in Poland, I also had a chance to discover a country in one week. It was a great chance to be able to live in a country for some days and everyday have a chance to see something new. Everyday we woke up, had breakfast, great and inspiring sessions, lunch and other stuff and had time to dedicate to ourselves.

I loved these days because I met people I am going to be friends with. I chat with them, speak and share my emotions with them now, even though it’s already been some days I came back, but our connection is alive.

We had trips to the city, saw their most beautiful places, enjoyed our trip while boating on a river. We had intercultural night day and showed and shared our cultures with the others. It was an amazing evening for everyone.

We learnt to act, react among people from different countries and nationalities. How to be a great company. People I spent my time with were just great. And it was so cool to spend a week with people, forget about days and nights, partying a lot and sharing life moments together.

Timisoara is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to. It reminded me of Yerevan, my capital city. Some streets reminded me of Yerevan when I first got there and I was feeling myself as calm as I was feeling in my hometown.

I can literally say that I fell in love with this city and the country. It was an amazing time with my amazing people. Learn, Act, React project in FITT Timisoara was just adorable. And Arus, our beloved Armenian trainer and coordinator, without whom our days would not be that bright and beautiful.

I will never forget Timisoara vibes and Timisoara will never forget us (especially Armenians).


Five anime movies recommendations

I came today with another five movies recommendations, but this time are not from Spain. I want to recommend some anime movies, yeah, I am a nerd I know. Actually, these movies are to people who actually they don’t watch anime usually. I understand that anime can be very crazy and not a good thing for all the people, but with these recommendations I will try to introduce yourself in the famous Japan animation a little bit. So, if you watch anime usually maybe you have watched all these movies, but check it out too, maybe you find something you don’t know.

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