Six Thinking Hats

Edward  de Bono (19 May 1933 – 9 June 2021) was a physician, psychologist, author, inventor and broadcaster. He originated the term lateral thinking, wrote many books on thinking including Six Thinking Hats, and was a proponent of the teaching of thinking as a subject in schools.

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Whether we want it or not, changes are part of our life, many of them we cannot avoid; sometimes they come to us, when we grow up, when we start a new stage of studies or a new work, even when meeting new people and other times they are their own decisions; but always will be part of our lives, they are essential, they allow us to grow.

For one reason or another, many times we do not expect them or they do not catch us in our best moment. Therefore, not stagnating and moving forward are the keys to face the best way any changes you present to us.

In this article some of the advice and knowledge that my psychologist gave me and more I have applied in my day to day.

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Quick look at Spain

Night view of Toledo, chosen as the “most beautiful panorama in the world” by The Office of Congresses and Convention Bureau of Japan (Yakei), in collaboration with the Office of Tourism of Japan of Turespaña.

I am Sara, I was born in Colombia and I was adopted when I was 2 years old, I grew up in a small town called Pantoja right between Toledo (known as the city of the three cultures, the Christian, the Jewish and the Arab) and south of Madrid, the capital of Spain. I am a volunteer in the European Solidarity Corps Program. I am currently in Poland thanks to the Fundacja Rozwoju Spoÿeczeÿstwa Przedsiÿbiorczego as part of the project: Let’s develop localy.

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Trip to Katowice

Hello, welcome to my weekly article on our blog. Today I will tell you about how was in Katowice. Last week over the weekend (when the weather was perfect, not like now) I decided to go on a trip to Katowice. The train journey there, was very pleasant from Rybnik (I am a volunteer there), there is a direct train, the journey is not very long and it is not very expensive either 😊.

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